The Joys and Challenges of Being a Shoulder to Cry On.

As humans, we all need someone we can trust, share our deepest fears with, and simply have a shoulder to cry on. Being that person can be challenging, yet rewarding at the same time.

Being a shoulder to cry on is not only about lending an ear to someone’s problems, but also showing empathy, being non-judgmental, and giving positive reinforcement. It can also mean helping them in any way possible, from offering advice and support to just being there for them emotionally.

Firstly, the joy of being a shoulder to cry on is the satisfaction from knowing that you’re helping someone in a meaningful way. It’s rewarding to be a support system and helping others through tough times. It can be gratifying to see someone feel better after confiding in you or seeking your advice.

Another joy is the bond that can form between you and the person you support. Being a shoulder to cry on rests on trust, which means that you’ll get to know the person quite well, and vice versa. You’ll learn more about their personality, their values, and what they hold dear. This knowledge will help strengthen your relationship and can lead to camaraderie that will last for years.

Additionally, it can be comforting when someone is willing to confide in you. It demonstrates that they trust you, value your input, and feel comfortable around you. There’s also the sentimental joy that comes when you see someone you care about go through the trouble of seeking your help. Knowing that you’re someone you can always count on can be a worthy addition to your character.

But as with all things pleasurable comes the challenges of being a shoulder to cry on. There are times when one can be too emotionally involved in the lives of the people they’re supporting to the point of exhaustion or burnout. Being a support system to someone can take a toll on one’s emotional well-being, and it can be difficult to support someone else if you’ve not taken the time to take care of yourself.

Another challenge is finding the right words to say or action to take in certain situations. You may not always understand the depth of pain the other person is experiencing or know how to handle the situation correctly. You may also be put in a position where you have to be a mediator between different conflicting parties, which can be stressful and challenging.

Being a shoulder to cry on means facing the possibility of hearing some upsetting and traumatic stories. Being open to hearing what someone needs to say can take an emotional toll on you, and it’s essential to establish personal boundaries so that you can remain grounded and avoid being overwhelmed.

Finally, the challenge of being a shoulder to cry on is accepting that you may not be able to fix, solve, or alleviate the distress going on in someone’s life. Despite your best effort to offer support, some issues are too complicated for one person to resolve. Learning to accept these limitations will keep you from scathing yourself unnecessarily and be a good way to avoid burning out.

In conclusion, there are plenty of joys and challenges to being a shoulder to cry on. Knowing that you’re helping someone in a profound way and forming a bond is joyful. However, emotionally intense stories, maintaining boundaries, and accepting your limitations can be challenging. To be a good shoulder one has to be well-balanced and ready for anything that comes their way. Being there for someone as a support system takes resilience, patience, and understanding. Ultimately, it’s about finding the balance between giving support and taking care of oneself.

Jameson Hunter

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