When Words Fail, a Shoulder to Cry On Ep. 3 Comes to the Rescue

“When Words Fail, a Shoulder to Cry On,” is a podcast series that explores the difficult conversations that people have with their loved ones about mental health issues. In episode three, the series takes a look at how individuals can find solace in others during moments of mental health crises.

Mental health is a pervasive issue, with one in every four people globally being affected at some point in their lives. Regrettably, not everyone has access to adequate care or resources. As a result, individuals might turn to their loved ones for support, only to find that they lack the proper language to express their emotions.

The episode initially introduces us to Emily, who has experienced depression and suicidal ideation for over a decade. She tells the audience that her husband has been her constant companion, who has supported her through thick and thin. Emily speaks candidly about her mental health struggles, how her husband has reacted to them, and the steps they have taken to cope.

Throughout the emotional tale, she acknowledges that her husband is not a mental health professional, and occasionally, he finds it hard to know how to assist her. Emily explains that her husband sometimes struggles to say the right thing, especially when faced with her darkest moments. However, she notes that he is always available to sit with her, offer a listening ear, and lean into their love for each other.

The episode then transitions to an interview with mental health expert, Dr. Eileen Kennedy-Moore, who offers insight into why people might struggle to express themselves when they are dealing with mental health ailments. Dr. Eileen explains that there is a social stigma regarding mental health, which causes individuals to fear being judged for “not having it together” or seen as “weak.”

In this context, it is no wonder that individuals might find it hard to articulate their struggles and fears. They worry about overburdening or alienating those around them, which can result in them keeping their thoughts to themselves.

Dr. Eileen also points out that a lack of education on mental health, coupled with the stigma, results in people saying things that are less than helpful when they are trying to support a loved one. For example, one might overlook the severity of another’s condition, stating, “It’s all in your head” or “just be positive.”

Dr. Eileen goes on to offer strategies for supporting someone struggling with mental health issues. She suggests that individuals can show their support through ‘active listening’ – asking questions, listening without judgment or interruption, and allowing the person to share how they feel.

Although it can be challenging to hear and witness someone we care about experiencing hardships, Dr. Eileen highlights that a supportive presence can go a long way.

The episode concludes with Emily sharing that even when things get rough with her husband, they always stick together. She commends him for his dedication and patience, and asserts that she could not have gone through these tough times without him.

The series “When Words Fail, a Shoulder to Cry On,” is a poignant reminder that mental health struggles can affect anyone. While we might not always have the right language to navigate these challenges, we can still show our support through active listening and empathetic action.

The episode shows us that sometimes, being there – offering a shoulder to cry on and a listening ear – can be enough for someone to feel loved and supported. This conversational podcast series is essential in shedding light on a sensitive topic that most of us might find it hard to articulate, bringing crucial information and support to those in need.

In conclusion, we all need someone to lean on, someone to be there when words fail. As a society, we should endeavor to be better listeners, do away with stigmas surrounding mental health, educate ourselves, and support those around us through their mental health struggles.

Jameson Hunter

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