The Legacy of Arthur: Reflecting on the Significance of its Final Episode

The BBC drama series, ‘Arthur’, was a cultural phenomenon that captivated audiences for five seasons. When it came to its final episode, it marked the end of an era for this beloved show, and it was a suitable end for one of the most important works of Arthurian legend. The show was a retelling of the classic tale of King Arthur, Merlin, his knights of the round table, and their quest for the Holy Grail.

The final episode left viewers with much to contemplate and has sparked debate about its significance. The episode not only wrapped up the story of King Arthur and his knights but also explored deeper themes about love, sacrifice, and the power of destiny.

One of the most striking elements of the show’s final episode was the way it depicted the fate of King Arthur. We see Arthur, played by Bradley James, fatally wounded by his son Mordred, portrayed by Alexander Vlahos, after a final fight. As Arthur’s life ebb away, he is transported to the mythical island of Avalon, where he is destined to die.

In this moment, the show’s theme of destiny comes to the forefront. From the beginning of the series, we see that Arthur’s life is predetermined, that he is no ordinary man, but rather one with a divine purpose. The show creates a sense of inevitability around Arthur’s fate, and his final moments signify not only the end of his life but also the end of an era.

It is significant that the show’s creators chose to stick to the original legend’s ending. In the legend, the death of King Arthur marks the end of an era of chivalry and knighthood, and the beginning of a more cynical, uncertain age. This theme is captured beautifully in the show’s final moments. As Arthur lies dying, his loyal knights gather around him, paying their respects to their leader and friend. In this moment, the audience sees the bond between these characters, forged through years of battles and struggles, and knows that this bond will not be broken, even in death.

Another crucial element in the final episode of ‘Arthur’ is the power of sacrifice. Throughout the series, we see the characters making sacrifices, whether it be for love or for the greater good. But in the final episode, this theme becomes more critical than ever. We see Arthur and his knights facing impossible odds, fighting against an enemy they cannot defeat alone. But each of them chooses to fight anyway, knowing that their sacrifice may be the only way to save their people.

Perhaps the most poignant example of this is the character of Gawain, played by Eoin Macken. Gawain, one of Arthur’s most loyal knights, chooses to take on an enemy army alone, knowing that he will likely die in the attempt. We see Gawain face down an army of soldiers with nothing but his sword, knowing that his death may be the only way to save his friends and the people he loves. His bravery and sacrifice are a moving tribute to the power of love and loyalty.

The final episode of ‘Arthur’ also explores the theme of love, particularly the bond between Arthur and Guinevere, played by Angel Coulby. Throughout the series, their relationship is tested, not only by external factors but by their own character flaws. However, in the final episode, we see their love endure, even in the face of death.

Arthur’s final moments are not just about his death, but about the fear that his death will mean the end of his relationship with Guinevere. Their bond is tested one last time when Arthur wishes to take Guinevere with him to Avalon, but she cannot join him yet. As Arthur dies, Guinevere is left behind, but she knows that their love will be eternal.

In conclusion, the final episode of ‘Arthur’ was a poignant and fitting end to one of the most important works of Arthurian legend. Through its portrayal of destiny, sacrifice, and love, the show’s creators captured the spirit of the legend while bringing it to life in a way that resonated with contemporary audiences. The show will be remembered as a classic example of how a timeless story can be retold for a new generation while remaining true to its roots. Its legacy will live on, inspiring future generations of storytellers and actors to continue to explore and celebrate the themes and characters of Arthurian legend.

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