A Day in the Life Below Deck: A Glimpse into the Crew’s Daily Routine

Yacht chartering is an adventure where luxury meets serenity. The glamorous life of those onboard, such as the wealthy guests, is often the highlight of a luxury yachting trip. However, an equally significant aspect that defines the experience is the invisible workings that keep the yacht running like clockwork. This critical operation is carried out by the crew below deck, working tirelessly to ensure the guests have the best experience possible. This article will give you insights into their daily routine, how it helps create a seamless yachting experience, and what it takes to work below deck.

The Crew: Who are they and what do they do?

Below deck, the crew comprises several professionals who play different roles to ensure the yacht’s seamless operation. The team is often led by a captain who oversees everything that happens onboard. They are responsible for the safety of the passengers, crew, and vessel. Additionally, the captain manages the yacht’s itinerary, making sure it runs on schedule and the passengers enjoy their trip.

The engineer handles the mechanical workings of the boat, ensuring the engine, generator, and other equipment runs smoothly. They also handle any mechanical issues that the boat may face throughout the journey.

The Chief Steward or Stewardess is in charge of the yacht’s provisions, guest entertainment, service, and cleanliness. They are responsible for creating menus, doing the grocery shopping, preparing, serving, and clearing meals. The Chief Stewardess is usually assisted by other stewardesses or stewards.

The deckhands, on the other hand, are responsible for the yacht’s exterior maintenance. They ensure the exterior is clean and ready for guests at all times. They assist guests with water sport activities such as diving or wakeboarding, and they also facilitate tender operations.

The roles of the crew are clearly differentiated, and each member works as a unit to ensure the yacht operates like clockwork. They work tirelessly, mostly unseen by guests, yet their efforts are fundamental in creating that perfect luxury yachting experience.

A Day in the Life of the Crew Below Deck

A typical day for the crew starts early, often before dawn. They start by reviewing the itinerary and are briefed on what they need to accomplish, the guests’ expected itinerary, and the overall yacht’s condition. The crew is divided into teams to carry out the assigned tasks.

The stewardess crew, for instance, ensures that the interior is clean and ready for guests to wake up to the perfect ambiance. They make sure the cabins are spotlessly clean, the beds are made, and the bathrooms are fully stocked. Breakfast, which is often served at the guests’ preferred time, is prepared, and the table is beautifully set. The Chief Stewardess usually will handle any special requests or dietary requirements that guests may have.

The deckhands, on the other hand, ensure the exterior areas are equally spotless. They wash and polish the yacht’s decks, clean and arrange the outside furniture, and prepare the watersports equipment.

The engineer inspects the engine room and checks all equipment for proper function. They carry out routine maintenance and handle any issues that may arise.

During the day, the crew’s routine will vary depending on the guests’ itinerary. The stewardess crew prepares and serves lunch and dinner, sets up cocktail events or theme nights, and organizes any guest excursions such as day trips to secluded beaches or town visits.

The captain oversees the yacht’s route and destination, ensuring a safe journey and a smooth ride. They also keep in touch with the guests to ensure their needs are met.

As the day winds down, the crew prepares for the evening routine. The stewardess crew provides turndown service, ensuring the guests’ cabins are ready for another night of restful sleep. The deckhands secure the exterior areas and prepare the yacht for a still night on the water. The crew will often debrief and discuss the next day’s plans before calling it a day.

The crew’s day is busy, and they work tirelessly to ensure the passengers have a smooth, luxurious experience. They work long hours, often invisible to guests, yet their efforts are what ensures the yacht is kept running efficiently, clean, stocked, and ready to provide a unique experience.

What does it take to work below deck?

Working as a yacht crew is not a job for everyone. It requires dedication, commitment, and hard work. To be a member of a yacht crew, you need to have a certain skill set, including excellent organization, communication, and interpersonal skills. You need to be flexible and willing to work long hours, sometimes for weeks on end.

While no academic qualifications are required to work as a yacht crew, it is advantageous to have experience in relevant fields such as hospitality, engineering, or deck work. It is essential to undergo necessary and important training such as STCW, GUEST, or RYA certificates to gain further knowledge and experience.


A yachting experience is an intricate process that requires a well-oiled machine to produce the luxury and indulgence that the passengers enjoy. The crew below deck is an integral component of this intricate process. They work tirelessly to ensure the yacht’s seamless operation, and it’s vital to appreciate their efforts in creating an unforgettable experience for the passengers. From the captain overseeing the yacht’s route to the stewardess crew serving meals with impeccable service to the engineer maintaining the mechanical aspects – this job demands quality professionals who love to deliver the best yachting experience possible.

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