Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 4: The Ultimate Guide to the New Season

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 4: The Ultimate Guide to the New Season

The fourth season of Below Deck Sailing Yacht is here, and fans are excited to know what will happen next. This latest season promises to be even more thrilling and exciting than the previous ones, with a new crew and new challenges. Here is an ultimate guide to the latest season of Below Deck Sailing Yacht.

The New Cast

The new cast of Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 4 promises to bring a whole new level of drama and entertainment to the show. Captain Glenn Shephard leads the crew, which includes first mate Colin Macrae, chef Natasha De Bourg, chief stewardess Daisy Kelliher, second stew Dani Soares, and third stew Alli Dore.

The captain, Glenn Shephard, is a seasoned sailor with over 30 years of experience. He has sailed all over the world and has even circumnavigated it once. He is known for his easy-going personality, which makes him a favorite among the crew.

Colin Macrae, the first mate, is a former cast member of Below Deck Mediterranean season 3. He has over 13 years of experience in the yachting industry and is a certified yachtmaster offshore. He is known for his positive attitude and friendly demeanor.

Natasha De Bourg, the chef, has over 20 years of experience in the culinary industry. She has worked in some of the best kitchens around the world, including Michelin-starred restaurants. She brings a level of sophistication and class to the crew, and her dishes are sure to impress.

Daisy Kelliher, the chief stewardess, has worked in the yachting industry for over 10 years. She is known for her strong leadership skills and ability to run a tight ship. She is also a master at creating an excellent customer service experience for the guests.

Dani Soares, the second stew, is a former professional dancer turned stewardess. She brings a unique perspective to the crew and is known for her creative flair and attention to detail.

Alli Dore, the third stew, has worked in the hospitality industry for over 7 years. She is known for her hardworking attitude and ability to adapt to any situation. She takes on a lot of responsibility on the show and is sure to prove herself as a valuable member of the crew.

New Boat

The crew of Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 4 will be sailing on a brand new yacht, the Parsifal III. This luxury sailing yacht is 180 feet long and has five cabins, including a master suite. It is a state-of-the-art vessel with all the latest technology and amenities.

The Parsifal III is a spacious and luxurious boat, with plenty of room for both the guests and the crew. It has a large outdoor deck area, perfect for relaxing in the sun or entertaining guests. The interior is just as impressive, with a stylish and modern design that is sure to impress.

The Challenges

As always, the crew of Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 4 will face numerous challenges throughout the show. From dealing with difficult guests to navigating rough waters, the crew will be put to the test.

One unique challenge that the crew will face this season is the fact that the boat is a sailboat, not a motor yacht, which means that sailing requires a different skill set than what the crew is used to. Sailing can be unpredictable, and the crew will need to be on their toes to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

Another challenge the crew will face is the personalities of the guests. As with previous seasons, there are sure to be some guests who push the crew’s limits and test their patience. The crew will need to be skilled at dealing with challenging personalities while maintaining their composure and professionalism.


Overall, the fourth season of Below Deck Sailing Yacht promises to be an exciting and entertaining one. With a new cast, a new boat, and new challenges, fans of the show are sure to be on the edge of their seats. Whether you are a longtime fan of the show or a newcomer, be sure to tune in to see what happens next on Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 4.

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