The Juiciest Reveals from the Below Deck Season 10 Reunion

As one of the hottest reality TV shows on Bravo, Below Deck continues to deliver high-octane entertainment to audiences who cannot get enough of the drama and excitement on the high seas. The show just wrapped its tenth season, and as is customary, the cast came together for a reunion episode that served as a vessel to air out their grievances, clear up misunderstandings, and generally bring some closure to the season that has passed.

However, for fans of the show, the reunion was more than just a chance to catch up with their favorite characters from the show. It was also an opportunity to get some juicy reveals about the behind-the-scenes happenings of Below Deck, including how the cast gets along when the cameras are not rolling, what secrets they have been hiding from the audience, and the never-before-seen footage of what went down on the yacht.

Here are some of the juiciest reveals from the Below Deck Season 10 reunion:

1. Chandler’s Control Issues
Even though he was only on the show for a short while, Chandler Brooks managed to make a lasting impression with his abrasive and micromanaging ways as a deckhand. During the reunion, Chandler admitted that he had not watched any of the episodes this season, but he did admit to having control issues.

The other cast members, namely Kate Chastain and Ross Inia, chimed in, saying that Chandler had a habit of overstepping his boundaries and not taking the opinions of his colleagues seriously, which made for a toxic work environment.

2. Caroline’s Health Issues
Caroline Bedol, a former stewardess on the show, left after just a few episodes citing health issues as the reason for her departure. However, there was a lot of speculation from the other cast members that Caroline was faking her illness to get out of work.

At the reunion, Caroline revealed that she had been diagnosed with H. pylori bacteria, which caused her immense stomach pains and anxiety attacks. She also shared that she had been struggling with a preexisting condition for several years and that her health had steadily declined during her time on the show.

3. Tyler and Rhylee’s Romance
Throughout the season, viewers saw a budding romance between deckhands Tyler Rowland and Rhylee Gerber. However, their relationship never really took off, and the two went their separate ways at the end of the season.

At the reunion, Tyler admitted that he had a crush on Rhylee but thought that their relationship should stay professional for the sake of their work dynamic. Rhylee, on the other hand, revealed that she was open to dating Tyler but did not want to come across as desperate.

4. Ashton’s Accident
During filming, deckhand Ashton Pienaar suffered a terrible accident that could have ended his career and his life. Ashton revealed that he had been preparing to jump on the tender boat when one of the lines around his ankle got caught, pulling him into the water and dragging him under the boat.

Ashton revealed that he thought he was going to die but that it was only through the quick thinking of his crewmates and the captain that he was saved. The accident was a sobering reminder of the dangers involved in yachting, and the rest of the cast expressed their gratitude that Ashton had come out alive.

5. The Secret Hookup
Throughout the season, there had been whispers of a secret hookup between two crew members, which had never been shown on camera. During the reunion, anchor captain Lee Rosbach revealed that the hookup had indeed happened between deckhands Rhylee and Tyler, but that it had been kept off camera due to the discretion of the production team.

The revelation was a shocker to the other cast members, who had no idea that anything had gone on between Rhylee and Tyler. However, the two deckhands admitted that their relationship had been short-lived and were happy to move on from it.

The Below Deck Season 10 reunion was filled with juicy reveals and revelations that added an extra layer of insight and excitement to an already thrilling show. From the explosive arguments between the cast to the heartwarming moments of camaraderie and support, this reunion had it all. Fans were treated to never-before-seen footage, behind-the-scenes secrets, and a chance to connect with their favorite characters from the show. It was a fitting conclusion to a fantastic season of Below Deck and left viewers eagerly anticipating the next installment.

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