Below Deck Season 10 Reunion: What Really Happened Behind the Scenes

As the latest season of Bravo’s hit reality show Below Deck draws to a close, fans are eagerly waiting for the Season 10 reunion special. Hosted by Bravo’s Andy Cohen, the reunion special brings the cast members together to discuss the most dramatic moments of the season and offer juicy behind-the-scenes insight. However, the drama doesn’t always stay on the boat, as proven by the latest Below Deck season. Here’s what really happened behind the scenes of Season 10:

Captain’s Lee’s Me-Too Moment:

The reunion special is sure to explore Captain Lee’s shaky start to the season, when he faced allegations of sexual harassment. In a shocking moment, stun-gun-wielding crew member Rhylee Gerber accused Captain Lee of making inappropriate comments to her during a previous season of the show. After initial denials, Captain Lee apologized for his behavior and the crew moved on. But fans are sure to want to know more about what happened behind the scenes.

The Long-Awaited Ashton-Girlfriend Reunion:

One of the most dramatic storylines of the season was the tumultuous relationship between bosun Ashton Pienaar and his long-distance girlfriend, Kayleigh Morris. The couple, who met on the reality show Ex on the Beach UK, struggled to maintain their relationship as Ashton’s antics on the yacht became increasingly wild. Fans will be excited to see Kayleigh join the cast for the reunion special and get her side of the story.

The Kevin-Kate Fight:

Chef Kevin Dobson and Chief Stewardess Kate Chastain had a tense relationship throughout the season, but their feud finally boiled over during the final charter. Kevin criticized Kate’s table settings and food presentation, leading to a heated argument that put the rest of the crew on edge. In the reunion special, we can expect to see both sides open up about what really happened during this explosive fight.

The Abandonment of Simone Mashile:

Simone Mashile, the third stew on the yacht, had an emotionally challenging season. She struggled to get along with some of her fellow crew members and felt underappreciated by Chef Kevin. During one particularly difficult moment, Simone broke down in tears and suggested that she wanted to leave the yacht. Will Simone have more to say about this difficult experience on the reunion special?

Rhylee and the Male Crew Members:

Rhylee Gerber, the energetic and outspoken deckhand, had a challenging season due to tensions with some of her male crew members. She accused Ashton and the other deckhands of ganging up on her and treating her differently because she was a woman. It remains to be seen whether the crew members involved will offer any apologies or explanations during the reunion special.

The Brandy-Snatching Drama:

One of the more amusing moments of the season involved a miscommunication about whether to use brandy or whiskey in a hot toddy. In the end, Captain Lee took matters into his own hands and snatched the bottle of brandy out of a surprised Kate’s hands. This silly moment brought some levity to the often-tense dynamic on the yacht, and may be discussed in a lighthearted way during the reunion special.

Overall, fans can expect the Below Deck Season 10 reunion special to be just as dramatic and entertaining as the rest of the season. From tense moments of conflict to lighthearted misunderstandings, the cast members will have plenty to discuss with Andy Cohen. However, as always, fans will be left wondering about any secrets and revelations that may not make it to air. Nevertheless, lovers of the show can expect the reunion to be another added dose of reality entertainment with an up close and personal look at their favorite crew members, and a glimpse into what really happened behind the scenes.

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