Uncovering the Untold Secrets in Boruto Ep 292

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is a popular anime series that has been entertaining its fans with thrilling storylines for over four years. The current arc of the series, Vessel, has been entertaining its viewers with its engaging plot twists and revelations. However, the most recent episode, Boruto Ep 292, titled “The Uncrowned,” has left the fans completely stunned as it finally uncovered some of the most elusive secrets of the series.

In this article, we will analyze the major secrets that were unraveled in the new episode, and how they will have an impact on the ongoing narrative.

The Role of Jigen in All This

Since the beginning of the Vessel arc, Jigen has been the primary antagonist. His introduction in Boruto Ep 192 in 2018 marked the beginning of a new era in the Naruto world. However, up until Boruto Ep 292, the viewers never got to discover much about him.

The latest episode finally unveiled the mysteries of Jigen’s past and exposed his true identity. It confirmed his original name was Isshiki Otsutsuki and he comes from a faraway planet. The revelation was particularly surprising as Jigen had always been presumed to be a human being with a cursed seal.

One of the most critical and game-changing moments of Boruto Ep 292 was when Jigen revealed his actual goal. He wants to make Kawaki his vessel, and once that is done, he will use him to bring his clan back to the earth.

The introduction of Jigen’s past and his true identity will have a significant impact on the storyline of the series. It also hinted towards his true power as an Otsutsuki and how strong he can be. Now that his goal has been revealed, it is clear that a battle between Jigen and Kawaki is inevitable.

Kawaki’s True Potential

Kawaki is another pivotal character in Boruto who has been turning increasingly more important since his introduction roughly two years ago. He is an orphan who was experimented on by Jigen and his assistants, ultimately leading to him receiving a Karma seal.

Boruto Ep 292 saw Kawaki’s character development to a whole new level. It was revealed that he had been suppressing his powers, specifically his chakra absorption technique, to avoid causing any harm to people around him. Kawaki’s powers were further strengthened due to Amado’s special tweaks to his Karma seal.

The episode also hinted at the possibility of Kawaki becoming the most powerful character in the series, surpassing even Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha. The reference to the “Code” in the Japanese title of the next episode hints at Kawaki finally becoming more powerful than Jigen, but it also means that he could become uncontrollable and turn into a threat himself.

The Next-Level Fights

Another aspect that was unmasked to viewers in Boruto Ep 292 was the power difference between the characters in the series. The viewers got to witness fights between some of the most powerful characters, including Naruto, Sasuke, and Jigen in the latest episode.

While Jigen dominated both Naruto and Sasuke in their combat, it is essential to note that they were fighting with limited power. However, the fights in the upcoming episodes with full-powered characters will undoubtedly be something to look forward to.

Sasuke’s New Eye

Sasuke’s left eye had to be removed during the Boruto ep 53 as a side-effect of overusing his Rinnegan. However, his eye has now mysteriously been replaced with an entirely new one. It is yet to be determined if Sasuke’s new eye is indeed his original eye or a replacement.

The eye has some unique features which were unveiled in the latest episode. It can differentiate between real and illusory Jigen clones and see the nature of chakra. Sasuke’s eye may have an important role to play in the fights to come, especially against Illusory Jigen.


Boruto Ep 292 was an absolute game-changer. The episode, unlike any other in the series, uncovered many unresolved mysteries and hinted at what’s yet to come. The revelations of Jigen’s past and Kawaki’s powers, the powerful fights, Sasuke’s new eye, and how these occurrences will affect the narrative, collectively mark the beginning of an unprecedentedly exciting and thrilling period for fans of the show. It will be exciting to see how the story continues to unfold in the upcoming episodes.

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