Boys Planet Ep 8: The Intense Evaluation Round

Boys Planet Ep 8: The Intense Evaluation Round

The highly anticipated Boys Planet Episode 8 finally aired on the 27th of September, 2021, and it lived up to expectations. This episode marked the beginning of the intense evaluation round, which would determine the top 24 contestants who would proceed to the next stage of the competition.

The episode started with a performance from the debut group, EPEX, who entertained viewers with their hit song, “Lock Down.” The members of EPEX shared their experiences since their debut and expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to pursue their dreams. They also reminded the contestants that the competition was tough, and they would need to bring their A-game.

The evaluation round was divided into two parts; the vocal and dance evaluations. The contestants were given individual songs to perform, and they were expected to showcase their vocal and dance abilities. The judges, including Rain, Cheetah, and Hwang Kwang-hee, evaluated the performances, and the contestants were ranked based on their scores.

The first segment of the evaluation round was the vocal evaluation, and the contestants were given songs ranging from ballads to pop tracks. The performances were all impressive, with some standout performances, including Lee Won-jun’s rendition of IU’s “Through the Night” and Kim Geon-woo’s performance of Park Hyo-shin’s “Wild Flower.”

The vocal evaluation segment also saw some emotional moments, such as when contestant Oh Taeseung performed “Memory” by Maroon 5. Taeseung’s father had passed away a few days before the evaluation, and the judges were moved by his heartfelt performance, giving him a standing ovation.

After the vocal evaluation, the contestants moved on to the dance evaluation. They were given complex choreography to perform, and the judges evaluated them based on their technique, synchronization, and overall performance. The contestants showed impressive dance skills, with some standout performances, such as Sim Jaeyoon’s powerful dance to Travis Scott’s “Goosebumps.”

The dance evaluation was not without its emotional moments as well. Contestant Han Woong was visibly emotional after performing his dance, as he had been struggling with a leg injury. The judges praised him for his determination and resilience, giving him encouraging words.

After the evaluation segments, the contestants were ranked based on their scores, and the top 24 were announced. The top 24 will move on to the next stage of the competition, where they will compete in teams and individually for a chance to debut in the final group.

The episode ended with a twist, as the eliminated contestants were given a second chance to re-enter the competition. They were given the task to form their own teams and perform a cover of a popular K-pop song. The judges will select the best team, and the members will be given the opportunity to re-enter the competition.

Boys Planet Episode 8 was an intense and emotional episode, showcasing the talents and determination of the contestants. The evaluation round was a crucial turning point in the competition, as it determined the top 24 contestants who would move on to the next stage. The episode also highlighted the importance of resilience and determination, as some contestants overcame personal challenges to deliver impressive performances.

As the competition heats up, viewers can expect more intense challenges and emotional moments in the upcoming episodes. The contestants will need to bring their best performances to stand out in the highly competitive field and win the hearts of the judges and audiences alike. Boys Planet Episode 8 was a prime example of the excitement and drama that the competition brings, and fans cannot wait for what is to come.

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