Crunchyroll Originals: Discovering New and Exciting Anime Content

Anime has been gaining immense popularity in recent years, with millions of fans all over the world. With the advent of streaming services, anime has become more accessible than ever before. And if we talk about streaming services, one name that stands out is Crunchyroll. Crunchyroll is a popular streaming service that specializes in anime, manga, and related content. In addition to simulcasting new anime episodes from Japan, Crunchyroll is also producing its own exclusive anime series under the banner of “Crunchyroll Originals.”

These Originals are created in partnership with some of the most talented studios and creators in Japan, making it a groundbreaking effort to bring quality anime and manga to a global audience. In this article, we will discuss the exciting world of Crunchyroll Originals, how they came to be, and which series you should check out.

The Evolution of Crunchyroll Originals

Crunchyroll Originals was launched with the aim of producing high-quality anime content that would put the service on the map in a highly competitive market. The first Crunchyroll Original series, The Rising of the Shield Hero, premiered in January 2019 and was an instant hit. Produced by Kinema Citrus, the anime is set in a fantasy world and follows the protagonist, Naofumi Iwatani, as he tries to save his world from destruction. The show received accolades for its intricate world-building, compelling characters, and engaging storyline.

Following The Rising of the Shield Hero’s success, Crunchyroll started funding more anime productions under Crunchyroll Originals. Some of the iconic shows include In/Spectre, Tower of God, and The God of High School. These original shows have helped Crunchyroll establish itself as a leader in the anime streaming market.

With the new decade, Crunchyroll aimed to push boundaries even further, and they have succeeded. In 2021, they launched anime adaptations of hit webcomics such as Noblesse and Tower of God. These shows proved to be a grand success, much like the earlier Crunchyroll Originals.

In 2021, Crunchyroll also announced an ambitious lineup of anime series for the year, which includes partner studios such as Production IG, MAPPA, and Bones. These series set to release through the year include So I’m A Spider, So What?, Fena: Pirate Princess, and more. With such an impressive lineup, it’s clear that the future of Crunchyroll Originals is bright.

The Uniqueness of Crunchyroll Originals

Crunchyroll Originals are unique in the world of anime in many ways. For starters, the service shares the cost of production with Japanese studios, making it a co-production effort. This means that Crunchyroll Originals aren’t just a matter of translating and repackaging products that were created for the Japanese audience. Rather, they are entirely new shows created specifically for a global audience.

Secondly, unlike most anime shows that are adapted from manga or light novels, Crunchyroll Originals are based on purely original content, i.e., webcomics or light novels. This means that viewers aren’t limited to what has already been published in Japan, and instead, they can look forward to a fresh and unique storyline that hasn’t been explored before.

Crunchyroll Originals are also breaking the mold when it comes to genre. While many anime shows fall under the shonen or shojo category (typically a male or female-focused audience), Crunchyroll Originals offer a diverse range of content, including fantasy, horror, action, sports, and more.

Which Crunchyroll Originals You Should Watch?

With so many anime shows and movies to choose from, it’s not easy to know what to watch, especially if you’re new to Crunchyroll Originals. To help you out, here are some of our top picks:

1. Tower of God: Based on a South Korean webcomic, this show follows the adventures of a boy named Bam, who climbs a mysterious tower to find his friend Rachel. Along the way, he befriends other climbers, each with their own unique motivations and goals.

2. The God of High School: Based on a popular webcomic, this anime follows high school students competing in a martial arts tournament to determine the strongest fighter in Korea. But as the tournament progresses, the competitors discover that there’s much more at stake than just a title.

3. In/Spectre: This supernatural mystery anime follows the story of Kotoko Iwanaga, who works with the young detective, Kuro Sakuragawa, to solve cases involving ghosts and yokai. But Kotoko has a secret of her own: she has a deal with the spirit of wisdom, who gives her extraordinary powers in exchange for her left leg and right eye.

4. Noblesse: Based on a South Korean webcomic, this show tells the story of Raizel, a powerful vampire who wakes up after a 820-year-long slumber. He enrolls in a high school to understand modern society and befriends students, whose lives he tries to protect from a secret society.


Crunchyroll has come a long way from being just another anime streaming service to becoming a platform that fosters and supports the creation of original anime content. With its ambitious lineup of Crunchyroll Originals, the service is shaping up to be a leader in a highly competitive market. By offering diverse and unique storytelling, fans can expect to discover new and exciting anime that they wouldn’t have found otherwise. Crunchyroll Originals deliver on their promise of quality, and if you haven’t checked them out yet, now would be a great time to start.

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