The Implications of Dwayne Haskins Autopsy for Future NFL Players

Dwayne Haskins, former quarterback of the Washington Football Team, was released by the team in December 2020 after just two seasons in the NFL. The move came after Haskins was benched multiple times throughout the season and was involved in a few off-field incidents.

A few weeks after his release, news broke that Haskins underwent an autopsy at the NFL Combine in 2019, before he was drafted as a first-round pick. The autopsy report revealed that Haskins had a “previous significant injury to the ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) of his throwing arm.”

The implications of Haskins’ autopsy for future NFL players are significant. In this article, we will explore what this means for the league and for aspiring football players.

UCL Injuries

The UCL is a ligament in the elbow that connects the humerus (the upper arm bone) to the ulna (one of the two main bones in the forearm). UCL injuries are common in baseball players and are commonly referred to as “Tommy John” injuries, named after the first player to undergo the reconstructive surgery for this injury.

However, UCL injuries are less common in football players, especially quarterbacks. The nature of football means that quarterbacks are more likely to suffer injuries to their shoulders or knees than their elbows.

In Haskins’ case, the fact that he had a significant injury to his UCL before he was drafted is concerning. It raises questions about whether NFL teams knew about this injury before they drafted him and whether they should have disclosed this information to other teams.

Medical Disclosure in the NFL

The NFL requires teams to disclose all relevant medical information about players to other teams before the draft. This is to ensure that all teams have an equal opportunity to evaluate a player’s medical history and determine whether they are a suitable fit for their team.

However, the disclosure requirements are not always clear-cut, and teams may sometimes hide information or downplay the severity of an injury to gain a competitive advantage.

In Haskins’ case, it is not clear whether the Washington Football Team disclosed his UCL injury to other teams before the 2019 draft. If they did not, this could have led to other teams drafting Haskins without knowing about his injury, potentially putting his health at risk.

The NFL’s Responsibility

The NFL has a responsibility to ensure that all players are healthy and able to perform at their best. This means that the league should have strict rules and regulations in place to ensure that teams are disclosing all relevant medical information and that players are receiving the best possible care.

It is clear that the current disclosure requirements are not adequate, as players like Haskins are slipping through the cracks. The NFL needs to review its policies and ensure that teams are held accountable for their actions.

The Future of NFL Drafts

The implications of Haskins’ autopsy could change the way that NFL teams evaluate players and draft candidates. Teams may start to place more emphasis on a player’s medical history and require more detailed information about any previous injuries.

This could also lead to more players being subject to medical exams at the NFL Combine, as teams try to get a better understanding of a player’s health before they draft them.


The implications of Dwayne Haskins’ autopsy for future NFL players are significant. It raises questions about the NFL’s disclosure requirements, the responsibility of teams and the league, and the future of NFL drafts.

The league needs to take this issue seriously and ensure that all players are receiving the best possible care. If not, we could see more players like Haskins slip through the cracks, potentially putting their health and future careers at risk.

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