Revealing the Mysteries: What Dwayne Haskins Autopsy Tells Us About His Last Moments

The unexpected death of Dwayne Haskins, the former star quarterback of Ohio State University and the Washington Football Team, had shocked the sports world. Haskins was only 24 years old when he lost his life in a single-car crash in December 2021. The tragic accident had left his family, friends, teammates, and fans devastated and looking for answers.

Almost two months after the accident, the autopsy report of Dwayne Haskins was released to the public, revealing some crucial details about his last moments. The report provided some closure to the Haskins family and the sports community that had been mourning his death. In this article, we will examine the various aspects of the autopsy report, what it tells us about Haskins’ final moments, and what we can learn from it.

The Circumstances of the Accident

According to the Ohio State Highway Patrol report, the accident occurred on December 17th, 2021, around 2:45 a.m. when Haskins was driving his 2020 Land Rover Defender southbound on Interstate 77. He was driving at a high rate of speed when he lost control of the vehicle, which then went off the highway and struck the median wall. Haskins was the only person in the car, and he was not wearing his seatbelt at the time of the crash. He was transported to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 11:44 a.m.

The autopsy report confirmed that Haskins’ cause of death was blunt force trauma to the head, neck, and torso. The report also states that Haskins had a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.193, which is more than twice the legal limit in Ohio. The toxicology report also showed the presence of marijuana in his system. The combination of excessive speed, intoxication, and lack of seatbelt use caused the fatal injuries to Haskins.

Alcohol and Drug Use

Haskins’ autopsy report revealed that he was under the influence of alcohol and marijuana at the time of the crash. The toxicology report showed that he had a high level of alcohol in his system, which would have impaired his judgment, reaction time, and motor skills. The report also stated that the presence of marijuana in his bloodstream indicates recent use. The combination of alcohol and drugs can severely impair a person’s ability to operate a motor vehicle safely. In Haskins’ case, it had fatal consequences.

Seatbelt Use

The autopsy report indicated that Haskins was not wearing a seatbelt at the time of the crash. This failure to buckle up significantly contributed to his fatal injuries. Seatbelts are designed to protect passengers from being ejected from the vehicle and from hitting hard surfaces in a collision. Statistics show that wearing a seatbelt can reduce the risk of fatal injuries by up to 50%. It is crucial to buckle up every time you get behind the wheel, whether you’re driving short or long distances.

Excessive Speed

The highway patrol report stated that Haskins was driving at a high rate of speed when he lost control of his vehicle. The autopsy report did not provide a specific speed, but it corroborated that excessive speed was a factor in the accident. Speeding significantly increases the chances of losing control of a vehicle, especially in adverse weather conditions or on uneven or slippery roads. It also reduces the time and distance needed to react to unforeseen obstacles, such as other vehicles, road hazards, or wildlife.

Lessons to Learn

The death of Dwayne Haskins was a tragedy that could have been prevented. It highlights the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs, not wearing a seatbelt, and driving at high speeds. These are all factors that can increase the risk of accidents and fatalities on the roads. We can learn some valuable lessons from Haskins’ accident and take steps to avoid similar situations in the future.

Firstly, it is essential to never drink or use drugs before driving or operating any machinery. Alcohol and drugs impair our judgment, coordination, and reaction time, which can result in catastrophic accidents. If you plan to drink, designate a sober driver, or use public transportation or rideshare services. Avoid getting into a vehicle with someone who has been drinking or using drugs, even if they insist they’re fine or have only had a little.

Secondly, always wear your seatbelt when driving or riding in a vehicle. Seatbelts are one of the most effective ways to protect yourself from serious or fatal injuries in the event of an accident. Make sure that everyone in the car is buckled up, regardless of their age or seating position. Children should be correctly secured in age-appropriate car seats or booster seats.

Lastly, obey the speed limits and drive at a safe and appropriate speed for the conditions. Speeding is a major cause of accidents and fatalities on the roads. It reduces your ability to react to sudden changes and increases the impact and severity of collisions. Always adjust your speed to suit the weather, road conditions, and traffic flow. Be aware of other drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists, and always give them enough space and time to maneuver.


The autopsy report of Dwayne Haskins provides some valuable insights into the tragic circumstances of his death. It highlights the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs, not wearing a seatbelt, and driving at high speeds. By learning from Haskins’ accident and taking appropriate measures to drive safely and responsibly, we can help prevent future tragedies on the roads. Let us honor the memory of Dwayne Haskins by committing ourselves to be responsible drivers and prioritize our safety and the safety of others on the roads.

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