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The Best Choreography in Famous Kanye West Music Video

Kanye West has always been known for his eclectic and innovative music, but he also brings the same approach to his music videos. From the groundbreaking “Runaway” to the controversial “Famous,” Kanye has always served up some of the most unique, engaging and forward-thinking visuals of any artist in the industry. However, a significant component of his music videos that often gets overlooked is the choreography. Kanye’s music videos feature some of the best choreography in the business. The choreography that has been displayed in his music videos has not only enhanced the music but also the overall appeal of his videos. In this article, we’ll be discussing the top five best choreography in Kanye West’s music videos.

1. “Runaway”
Kanye’s “Runaway” music video is, without a doubt, one of his most iconic visuals. It is a ten-minute masterpiece that tells a story about a man who falls in love with a phoenix. The video is beautifully crafted and features an amazing violin solo by the talented musician, Alexander Sitkovetsky. One of the most notable aspects of the “Runaway” music video is the choreography. Kanye worked with renowned choreographer Yemi A.D. to create the mesmerizing dance sequences that feature throughout the video. The choreography blends elements of ballet, modern dance, and hip-hop, making it both versatile and visually stunning. The dancers’ movements are not only synchronized but also beautifully fluid. They almost appear to be floating, adding to the ethereal and otherworldly vibe of the music video.

2. “Fade”
Kanye’s “Fade” music video features the stunning Teyana Taylor in one of the most impressive dance sequences. Teyana’s dance moves are hypnotic and mesmerizing, and she does it all while toning her body. The choreography in this music video is stylish, energetic, and engaging. The video draws inspiration from the iconic 1983 film Flashdance, and the dance sequence features elements from the film’s famous water scene, where Jennifer Beals’ character dances to “Maniac” by Michael Sembello. Kanye worked with choreographer Jae Blaze to create this captivating dance sequence, which involves Teyana performing an intricate routine that will leave you spellbound.

3. “Stronger”
Released in 2007, “Stronger” is one of Kanye’s most well-known music videos. The video is a stunning visual feat, a futuristic world with neon lights and an anime-inspired aesthetic. Kanye worked with famed choreographer Tanisha Scott to create the exotic and intricate dance sequences for the video. The choreography in “Stronger” combines elements of martial arts, pop locking, and break dancing to create a dance style that is unmistakably innovative and one-of-a-kind. The dance moves flow in perfect unison with the music, and they help to bring the video’s futuristic world to life.

4. “Heartless”
One of the few Kanye West music videos to feature street dancers, “Heartless” is a tribute to street dances such as Krump and Jerkin. The music video features some of the most talented street dancers in the business, with Kanye himself getting involved in the action. The music video was directed by Hype Williams, who is renowned for his music video direction work. Williams’ signature style is on full display in “Heartless,” and the choreography adds to the video’s overall appeal. The dance moves in “Heartless” are both intricate and engaging, and they bring the video to life.

5. “Famous”
While “Famous” is one of Kanye’s most controversial music videos, it is also one of his most visually striking. The video features a group of naked celebrities, including Kanye himself, sleeping in a massive bed. The choreography in “Famous” is unique, as there are no dance sequences as such. The video has the camera panning over the sleeping celebrities, showcasing the bodies and their movements as they sleep. The subtle movements of the actors breathe life into the video and make it more engaging, despite the controversies surrounding it.

In conclusion, Kanye West’s music videos are not only visually stunning but also feature some of the best choreography in the business. The innovative and exciting dance moves add another layer of depth to the music videos, bringing the songs to life and making them more memorable. From “Runaway” to “Famous,” Kanye’s music videos are a visual feast that presents his music in the most creative and unique way possible.

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