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Famous Kanye West Music Video: The Making of a Pop Culture Phenomenon

Kanye West is undoubtedly one of the most influential and prolific musicians of our time. His music has influenced countless artists and has created pop culture phenomena, and one such example is his music videos.

West’s music videos have been known to be as innovative as his music, and they have often been the talk of the town. His videos have been known for their storytelling, cinematography, and symbolism, which have all come together in a perfect fusion of art and music. One of his most famous music videos is “Runaway,” and it is a prime example of how his music videos have become a pop culture sensation.

Released in 2010, “Runaway” was the lead single from Kanye West’s fifth studio album, “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.” The video was directed by West himself and was filmed over four days in Prague. The video stars model Selita Ebanks, who plays a bird set free from a cage by Kanye. From the first few seconds of the video, it is evident that it is not your typical music video.

The video begins with a fireball emerging from a forest and shows a mythical phoenix-like creature running across a field before it eventually takes flight. The creature symbolizes Kanye West’s rebirth as an artist, as the video was released shortly after a highly publicized incident at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, where he interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech for Best Female Video.

The video then cuts to the first verse, where Kanye is driving a car while a ballet troupe dances around the car in sync with the music. The ballet dancers are dressed in white tutus, and they perform graceful, yet provocative moves that perfectly match the tone of the song. They are accompanied by fireworks and the beautiful Prague skyline, which adds to the overall grandeur of the production.

The video then takes a surreal turn as Kanye and Selita Ebanks are shown having dinner together. However, she is not human but a beautiful, otherworldly creature with feathers, fur, and gold body paint. Her appearance represents Kanye’s attraction to the exotic and the different, as well as his tendency to romanticize his relationships.

The video then shows the couple dancing in a field of red flowers as they share a passionate kiss. The flowers represent Kanye’s past relationships and his desire to move on from them. It is a beautiful and romantic scene, but it quickly shifts as the couple is shown walking through a group of people who are seated at an extravagant table. The diners include grotesque, mask-wearing caricatures, symbolizing society’s obsession with materialism and their inability to appreciate true beauty.

The video ends with the phoenix-like creature reappearing, with Kanye and Selita standing on a rooftop overlooking the city skyline. The creature’s flight into the sky represents Kanye’s acceptance of his power and his willingness to rise above his detractors. As the video fades to black, you are left with a sense of awe and wonder.

The making of this video was a grand production, a masterpiece in itself. The film was shot with stunning cinematography, capturing Kanye’s grand vision in each shot. Each shot was carefully planned and executed to showcase the emotions and the themes behind the song.

Kanye West’s music videos are an extension of his music, and they are just as innovative and influential as his music—an integration of all art forms, a feast for the eyes and the ears. He has made it clear time and again that he is the master of the grand production, and “Runaway” is a perfect example of this.

In conclusion, “Runaway” is a masterpiece of a music video that has captivated audiences with its grand production, stunning cinematography, and thought-provoking symbolism. It has become a pop culture phenomenon, inspiring countless other music videos and art forms. Kanye West’s vision and creativity continue to inspire and captivate millions of fans worldwide, and it is his tireless pursuit of excellence that has made him a true icon of our time.

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