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10 Most Iconic Moments from Famous Kanye West Music Video

Kanye West is a music industry icon, known for his unique style and creative vision. Not only is he a prolific recording artist and rapper, but he has also gained a reputation for his innovative music videos. Over the years, Kanye has created several iconic music videos that have become an essential part of pop culture. Here are the ten most iconic moments from famous Kanye West music videos.

1. “Jesus Walks” (2004)

The video for “Jesus Walks” was released in 2004 and featured Kanye walking through various scenes, all underscored by his impassioned gospel-infused hip-hop track. One of the most iconic moments of the video is when Kanye is surrounded by a group of black angels, who lift him off the ground and carry him towards the heavens.

2. “Gold Digger” (2005)

The video for “Gold Digger” premiered in 2005 and featured actor and comedian Jamie Foxx impersonating Ray Charles as the song’s chorus. The video also featured dance routines and glamorous shots of Kanye performing on a stage bedecked in gold. The most iconic moment from the “Gold Digger” video is when Kanye is seen driving around in a luxury convertible, mouthing along to the lyrics of the song while surrounded by a group of beautiful women.

3. “Touch The Sky” (2006)

The video for “Touch The Sky” saw Kanye teamed up with actress Pamela Anderson, who played a superwoman-type figure who swoops in to save Kanye from a deadly free fall. Anderson’s cameo resulted in one of the most unforgettable images from the video, as she and Kanye soar through the air.

4. “Stronger” (2007)

Kanye’s “Stronger” video from 2007 was based on the movie “Akira” and saw Kanye donning futuristic clothing as he navigates a maze of racing neon-colored motorcycles. The most iconic moment of the video comes when Kanye and his cohorts stop at a gas station, clad in futuristic gear and complete with helmet-shaped daft punk robots.

5. “Heartless” (2008)

The video for “Heartless” was one of Kanye’s simpler, yet no less iconic projects. Kanye is seen in the video alone, pouring his heart out while a holographic display projects surreal scenes around him. The most iconic moment from the “Heartless” video is when Kanye is suspended in the air, surrounded by a strange white light, as he raps about his sorrow.

6. “Runaway” (2010)

The “Runaway” video is nothing short of ambitious, stretching over thirty minutes and combining the cinematic elements of film with the surreal and experimentalism of music videos. The video features Kanye as his character, “Griffin,” who plays host to several guests from different cultures, all of whom are meant to represent various aspects of Kanye’s own psyche. The most memorable moment from “Runaway” is when Kanye performs “Power” in front of a massive bonfire, standing atop a moving platform, as he is surrounded by enormous-sized ballerinas.

7. “Otis” (2011)

The video for “Otis,” saw Kanye collaborate with Jay-Z for the first time since their successful collaboration on “Watch The Throne.” The video saw Jay-Z and Kanye cruise around in an expensive car while performing the song from the vehicle’s spacious backseat. The most iconic moment from “Otis” is when Kanye and Jay-Z rip the top off the car and turn it into a moving dance floor.

8. “All of The Lights” (2011)

The “All Of The Lights” video featured undeniable stars like Kid Cudi, Rihanna, and Elly Jackson of La Roux. The video featured elements of darkness and light, with flashes of light punctuating the darkness, as Kanye delivers a highly charged and political message. The most iconic moment of the “All Of The Lights” video is when Kanye performs the song’s chorus while surrounded by stadium lighting for a massive performance.

9. “Mercy” (2012)

The “Mercy” video is as dark and atmospheric as the song itself. Kanye is seen lurking around a series of dimly lit scenes while performing alongside a group of tough-looking rappers. The most memorable moment from “Mercy” is when Kanye stands atop a taxidermy animal, torch in hand, as he raps.

10. “Fade” (2016)

The video for “Fade” marked another successful collaboration between Kanye and controversial artist and filmmaker Teyana Taylor. The mythological-themed video featured Taylor performing a sensual dance routine, as she becomes more and more animalistic over time. The most iconic moment from “Fade” is when Taylor is joined by a group of very enthusiastic cows, who dance alongside her to the song’s repeated refrain.

In summation, Kanye’s music videos have become an essential part of pop culture, with his innovative vision, and fearless exploration of various themes delivering memorable artistic moments. Kanye continues to explore his creative passions while remaining true to his unique artistic vision, thus cementing his legacy as one of the icons of modern music.

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