Analysis of Gabby Petito Autopsy Leads to More Complex Questions

The tragic death of Gabby Petito has been a topic of discussion for many weeks now. The autopsy was completed on October 12th and the results were released to the public. The official cause of death has been ruled as a homicide, and the manner in which she died was “strangulation.” In addition to these results, there were several other findings discovered during the autopsy that have led to more complex questions and further investigation.

The first finding that raises more questions is the fact that Gabby’s remains were found in close proximity to where she and her boyfriend, Brian Laundrie, were camping in the Grand Teton National Park. This raises the question of why Brian did not inform the authorities earlier of Gabby’s whereabouts, as he was the last person known to have seen her alive. Additionally, there is speculation as to whether or not Brian may have been involved in Gabby’s death, as he has since gone missing and is now a person of interest in the investigation.

The autopsy report also shows that Gabby’s remains were found with an empty stomach, which raises questions as to when she last ate. This information could help determine a timeline of events leading up to her death. If she had not eaten anything in the hours leading up to her death, this could suggest that she was killed shortly after she was last seen. However, if she had eaten a meal before her death, it could suggest that she was killed at a later time.

Another notable aspect of the autopsy is the fact that Gabby’s remains had been outside in the wilderness for an extended period of time. This could make it more difficult to determine the exact cause of death, as the natural elements could have affected the physical evidence. However, the fact that the cause of death was ruled as “strangulation” suggests that there were clear indications of trauma that could not have been caused by the elements alone.

Finally, the autopsy also revealed that Gabby had a previous history of anxiety and depression, which could shed light on her mental state leading up to her death. It is unclear if this information will play a significant role in the investigation, but it is certainly something that investigators will be examining.

Overall, the autopsy findings have raised more complex questions about the circumstances surrounding Gabby Petito’s death. The fact that the cause of death was “strangulation” points to foul play, and the location of her remains raises more questions about her boyfriend’s involvement. Additionally, the empty stomach and the history of anxiety and depression bring up potential factors that may have contributed to her death. As the investigation continues, these factors will likely be examined in greater detail in order to piece together the events leading up to Gabby’s tragic death.

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