Indiana Turkey Season 2023: A Guide for Beginners

Indiana Turkey Season 2023: A Guide for Beginners

With the arrival of spring comes turkey hunting season in Indiana. For those new to the sport, turkey hunting can be an exciting yet intimidating experience. Where do you start? What equipment do you need? What are the rules and regulations? In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know for Indiana Turkey Season 2023, from preparing for the hunt to tagging your bird.

Preparing for the hunt

To have a successful hunting trip, it’s best to begin preparing ahead of time. The first step is to determine the type of turkey hunting you want to do. There are two main styles of turkey hunting: calling and stalking. Call hunting involves mimicking the sounds of a turkey to attract it to your location, while stalking involves quietly approaching and surprising the turkey.

Once you’ve decided on your hunting style, it’s time to prepare your equipment. Basic hunting gear includes a shotgun, ammunition, camouflage clothing, a blind or decoys, a turkey call, and hunting boots. It’s also important to have a hunting permit and abide by any additional regulations regarding hunting times, locations, and methods outlined by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR).

Scouting locations

Knowing where to hunt is crucial for a successful trip. Research turkey habitats and look for areas such as fields, meadows, and forests where turkeys are known to frequent. You can also scout the area by foot or by car to identify good hunting spots. Areas with fresh tracks and droppings are a good indicator of turkey activity.

It’s also essential to scout during the early morning when turkeys are most active. Find an area, like a field or meadow, with a good vantage point and observe the turkeys’ morning activities to determine where to set up your hunt.

Calling turkeys

Calling turkeys is an essential aspect of the sport. There are various calls to use, including box calls, slate calls, and mouth calls. Box calls produce a realistic sound of a turkey, while slate calls produce soft tones that mimic feeding and purring sounds. Mouth calls are more challenging to use but provide the most realistic sound.

It’s essential to practice using your call before the hunting trip so that you can produce realistic sounds. Start by mimicking the basic sounds of a turkey, such as gobbling and yelping, and then practice creating more complex sounds. Remember to vary your calls’ intensity and timing to imitate natural turkey sounds accurately.

Stalking turkeys

Stalking turkeys require patience and stealth, and it’s essential to move silently to avoid alerting the turkey. The first step is to locate the bird’s feeding and nesting areas and determine its movement patterns. Then, approach the turkey from behind or from the side, moving slowly and quietly around obstacles like trees and bushes.

Stalking requires a good sense of direction and aerial perception to determine where the turkey is in relation to you. If you’re planning on stalking turkey, consider using a turkey vest to store your calls, ammunition, and other equipment that may add noise to your movements.

Tagging your bird

Once you’ve successfully hunted a turkey, you will need to tag it before leaving the hunting site. Indiana DNR requires that all turkey hunters attach a temporary transportation tag to the bird before transporting it from the field.

To tag your turkey, fill out the transportation tag with your name, hunting license number, and the date and location of the hunt. Then, attach the tag to the turkey’s leg before leaving the hunting site.


Indiana turkey season 2023 offers an excellent opportunity for hunters to connect with nature and experience the thrill of the chase. By following these guidelines and preparing ahead of time, you can increase your chances of success and have an unforgettable hunting experience. Remember to always follow Indiana DNR rules and regulations, stay safe, and have fun!

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