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The Fallout from Ja Morant’s Gun Video: What We Know So Far

The video of Ja Morant, the Memphis Grizzlies’ rising star, holding a gun went viral recently, sparking a considerable controversy both in the sports community and beyond. The NBA player claimed that the weapon was only a “prop” for a music video, but the incident still raised concerns about gun violence and athletes’ responsibilities.

In this article, we will go over the details of Morant’s gun video and its repercussions, scrutinizing the potential implications for the young player’s career and the broader conversation around gun ownership.

The Video

On September 4, 2021, Ja Morant posted a video on social media showing himself holding a handgun while seated in a car. The clip, which was about five seconds long, was initially shared on Snapchat but quickly spread to other online platforms.

Morant stated that the gun was not real but rather a prop used for a music video that he was shooting with rapper BlocBoy JB. He further clarified that the firearm did not have any ammunition and that he was not promoting gun violence.

However, many people criticized Morant’s decision to include a gun in the video, even if it was only for aesthetic purposes. Some NBA players, such as CJ McCollum and Victor Oladipo, expressed their concerns on social media, calling for athletes to be mindful of the messages they send to their fans.

The NBA’s Response

Following the incident, the NBA announced that it would launch an investigation into Morant’s gun video to determine whether the player had violated any league rules or policies. The league’s collective bargaining agreement prohibits players from possessing firearms at team facilities or during league-sanctioned events.

Morant’s actions could also be considered in violation of the NBA’s Code of Conduct, which requires players to “refrain from conduct that may reflect adversely on the NBA or its teams.” The league has not yet announced the results of its investigation, but it is possible that Morant could face fines, suspensions, or other disciplinary actions if found in breach of the rules.

The Player’s Response

Ja Morant took to social media to clarify his intentions and apologize for any offense caused by the video. He wrote on Twitter, “I know what I represent and my actions will reflect that. I apologize for the hurt that I may have caused, and I vow to continue to represent my family, the Memphis Grizzlies, and our fans in a positive way!”

Morant also released a statement through the Grizzlies organization, stating that he understood the seriousness of the situation and took full responsibility for his actions. He emphasized that he did not condone gun violence and expressed his commitment to being a positive role model for his fans, especially the youth.

The Fallout

The fallout from Ja Morant’s gun video is still ongoing, but we can already see some of the potential consequences for the player and the wider public discussion around gun ownership.

Firstly, the incident could have a negative impact on Morant’s image and credibility, particularly if the NBA finds him in violation of any rules. Athletes are often under intense scrutiny, and any behavior that appears controversial or irresponsible could harm their reputation and marketability.

Secondly, the incident highlights how the use of guns in music videos and popular culture can perpetuate a dangerous normalization of violence. Even if the guns are not real, as in Morant’s case, they can still send the wrong message to young fans who may perceive the use of firearms as glamorous or cool.

Thirdly, the incident sheds light on the ongoing debate around gun ownership and control in the United States. While some argue that gun ownership is a constitutional right and necessary for self-defense, others point to the overwhelming evidence that firearms contribute to violent crime and accidental deaths. The use of firearms by celebrities or public figures, even if it is only for show, can reignite these discussions and debates.


In conclusion, Ja Morant’s gun video has sparked a considerable controversy and thrown the young player into the public spotlight. The incident raises important questions about the role of athletes as role models, the use of guns in the entertainment industry, and the public debate around gun ownership.

Regardless of the results of the NBA’s investigation, it is clear that Morant has committed himself to being a positive influence and taking responsibility for his actions. It is up to us as citizens and fans to determine how we want to engage with these complex issues and to hold our public figures accountable when necessary.

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