Joe Jarzynka Autopsy: Seeking Justice for the Deceased

Joe Jarzynka was found dead in 1996, and over two decades later, his family is still fighting for justice. Though a suspect was arrested and convicted of murder, the autopsy report has been called into question, leaving the family with little closure and continued pain.

Joe Jarzynka was a construction worker and avid fisherman. He had a reputation for being a hard worker and a kind person. His family described him as the life of the party and always willing to lend a helping hand. In 1996, Joe was found dead in the water near the marina he worked at in Michigan. His death was ruled a homicide, and the case quickly became a media sensation.

The autopsy revealed that Joe had been beaten and drowned. The cause of death was listed as drowning, but there were multiple contusions found on his body. The police immediately began an investigation and quickly honed in on a suspect, a co-worker of Joe’s named Eric Franks.

Franks was arrested and ultimately convicted of the murder of Joe Jarzynka. During his trial, the prosecution presented a case that showed that Franks had a motive for killing Joe. The two men had gotten into an argument, which led to a physical altercation. One of the witnesses testified that they saw Franks punching Joe and then dragging him towards the water. There was also physical evidence, such as blood and fingerprints, that linked Franks to the crime scene.

The trial was a success, and Franks was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Joe’s family felt relieved that justice had been served. However, when they requested a copy of the autopsy report, they noticed that there were discrepancies in some of the findings.

The autopsy report had stated that there were no signs of sexual assault, but Joe’s family noticed that he had a tear in his underwear. There was also evidence of semen found on his genitals. Joe’s family was shocked and angry that this had not been discovered during the initial investigation.

The family hired an independent forensic pathologist to review the autopsy report. The pathologist found that there were several inconsistencies and miscalculations in the report. For example, the report claimed that Joe had drowned in six inches of water, which the pathologist found to be improbable. Additionally, the report failed to note several significant injuries to Joe’s body, such as a broken nose and a laceration to the back of his head.

Joe’s family is convinced that the autopsy was conducted hastily and that crucial evidence was overlooked. They believe that the prosecutor failed to present all the available evidence, which could have led to a different outcome in the trial.

Joe’s family is still seeking justice for their loved one. They want the autopsy report to be re-examined and reclassified as a homicide. They are also calling for a new trial for Eric Franks, who they believe may have been wrongfully convicted.

The case of Joe Jarzynka serves as a reminder that justice is not always served, even when there is a conviction. The family’s continued efforts to seek justice for their loved one demonstrate the importance of never giving up in the face of injustice. They are an example of how even the smallest piece of evidence can lead to a different outcome and provide a sense of closure that is needed in these heartbreaking situations.

While Joe Jarzynka’s family is still searching for answers, his memory lives on in the hearts of those who loved him. Though they may never know the full truth behind his death, his family will never stop fighting for justice in his name.

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