Loki Episode 4 Review: More Twists and Turns Than Expected

The fourth episode of Loki, titled “The Nexus Event,” continued the trend of delivering unexpected twists and turns in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s (MCU) newest Disney+ series. The episode picked up where the previous one left off, with Loki in the TVA’s custody after escaping with Sylvie (the variant Loki from another timeline). Here’s a breakdown of the significant moments and themes explored in the episode.

Resolving the Sylvie and Loki conundrum

From the show’s inception, the question of how the two Lokis would interact was on every fan’s mind. As different variants of the same character, would they be able to work together or would they attempt to deceive each other? In previous episodes, it was clear that Sylvie did not want to be associated with her male counterpart and found him to be a nuisance.

However, in episode 4, we see Sylvie switch from being alone and on a mission to being heartbroken and seeking comfort from Loki when their plan to overthrow the TVA goes awry. The two are arrested and taken to the Time Keepers, where they finally get their answers to the questions about their existence and the TVA’s purpose.

The Time Keepers reveal themselves

In Marvel comics, the Time Keepers are shrouded in mystery, and their true identities remain unknown. In Loki, the TVA enforces their existence and seems to bow down to their directives without question. However, in episode 4, we finally get a glimpse of the Time Keepers themselves as Loki and Sylvie are brought before them.

But what the two Lokis don’t expect is for the Time Keepers to be puppets, controlled by an unknown force working from behind the scenes. The twist adds another level of mystery to the show, and it remains to be seen who is pulling the strings of the TVA from afar.

The Nexus event

The episode’s title, “The Nexus Event,” refers to the point in which an event in one timeline causes irreparable damage to the multiverse. The TVA considers these events as clear violations of their mission and timeline, which explains why they try to prune variants that deviate from it.

In the episode, we see a flashback of young Sylvie being captured by the TVA for unknowingly causing a Nexus event when she was trying to get revenge on the Time Keepers for taking her away from her family. The scene provides insight into Sylvie’s motivation and backstory, humanizing her character.

It also hints at the possibility of Sylvie causing another Nexus event in the current timeline that she and Loki are trying to alter. Her actions could lead to the multiverse’s branching, which could have significant implications for the MCU as a whole.

Loki’s character development

Throughout the series, we’ve seen Loki’s character develop from the narcissistic god of mischief to someone who starts to care about the people and causes around him. In episode 4, we see his character grow even more.

After Sylvie reveals a dark secret she’s been hiding, Loki’s empathy for her is an unexpected but significant moment. The show’s writers do an excellent job of making the audience forget that Sylvie is a variant of Loki, building her up as a character in her own right.

In a tender moment, Loki holds Sylvie’s hand as she recovers from the wounds she sustained while fighting off the TVA agents. It’s a touching scene that demonstrates how far Loki has come from his selfish behavior in the past Marvel movies.

More questions raised than answers given

As with previous episodes of Loki, episode 4 raises more questions than it answers. Who is the unknown entity controlling the TVA and pulling the strings of the Time Keepers? Will Loki and Sylvie prevent the Nexus event they’ve been trying to stop? What will be the consequences of their actions either way?

There are only two episodes left in the series, and there’s still much we don’t know. However, what we do know is that the series continues to deliver unexpected twists and turns, making it one of the most exciting and intriguing entries into the MCU.

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