Preparing for Success in Michigan Turkey Season 2023

As the 2022 Michigan turkey season draws to a close, it’s time to start thinking about next year. Preparing for success in Michigan turkey season 2023 begins now, with careful planning, scouting, and gear preparation.


Scouting is an essential part of preparing for any hunting season, and turkey season is no exception. The best time to start scouting is in the fall, after the 2022 season has ended. This will give you plenty of time to locate the best spots to set up your blind or decoys and get to know the behavior of the turkeys in the area.

Start by looking for areas where turkeys are likely to roost, such as tall trees with dense foliage. Look for tracks, droppings, and feathers on the ground, and listen for the turkeys’ calls early in the morning or at dusk. Pay attention to how the turkeys move throughout the day, and where they tend to feed.

Once you have identified some potential turkey hotspots, set up a trail camera to monitor the area. This will give you a better idea of when the turkeys are most active and where they are likely to move. Use this information to plan your hunting strategy and set up your blind or decoys in the best possible location.

Gear Preparation

Preparing your gear for Michigan turkey season 2023 is just as important as scouting. Start by inspecting all of your equipment, including your shotgun, ammunition, and hunting vest. Make sure everything is in good working condition and replace any worn or damaged items.

Next, stock up on necessary gear, such as decoys, blinds, and camouflage clothing. You may also want to invest in a good turkey hunting backpack to help you carry all of your gear and supplies.

When it comes to ammunition, choose shotguns shells specifically designed for turkey hunting, such as Federal Premium Heavyweight TSS or Winchester Long Beard XR. These shells provide better accuracy and penetration, increasing your chances of a successful harvest.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Even if you have been turkey hunting for years, it’s essential to practice your calling and shooting skills before the season begins. Spend time in the off-season honing your turkey calling techniques, using a variety of calls, such as a box call, slate call, mouth call, or diaphragm call.

Practice your shooting skills with a shotgun, focusing on accuracy and precision. Consider taking a shotgun shooting class to improve your skills and confidence.

In addition to practicing calling and shooting, it’s also important to prepare mentally and physically for the rigors of turkey hunting. Start a fitness regimen to build cardio and strength, as turkey hunting requires long hours of walking and standing, often in challenging terrain.

Plan Your Strategy

Once you have scouted the area, prepared your gear, and practiced your skills, it’s time to plan your hunting strategy. Based on your scouting information, choose the best location to set up your blind or decoys.

Consider the weather conditions and the time of day when planning your hunt, as turkeys are most active early in the morning and at dusk. Pay attention to wind direction, as turkeys have exceptional hearing and will spook easily if they hear or smell you.

Choose your calling strategy based on the behavior of the turkeys in your area. If they are vocal and respond well to calls, try using a variety of calls to mimic their behavior. If the turkeys are less vocal, you may want to use a more subtle approach, such as sitting quietly near their roost and waiting for them to come to you.

Stay Safe

Finally, it’s essential to stay safe while hunting turkeys. Always wear blaze orange clothing, even if you are hunting during the spring turkey season, as other hunters may be in the area. Pay attention to your surroundings and be aware of other hunters and hikers.

Avoid stalking turkeys, as this can be dangerous and is not an effective hunting strategy. Instead, set up your blind or decoys in a safe and secure location and wait patiently for the turkeys to come to you.

In Conclusion

Preparing for success in Michigan turkey season 2023 requires careful planning, scouting, and gear preparation. Take the time to scout the area, inspect and prepare your gear, practice your hunting skills, plan your strategy, and stay safe while in the field. By following these essential steps, you can increase your chances of a successful and rewarding hunt. Good luck!

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