A Recap of Missouri Turkey Season 2022 and What to Expect in 2023

The Missouri turkey hunting season has long been a tradition for hunters across the state, and the 2022 season was no exception. This year, the turkey population seemed to be thriving, creating an exciting and successful season for many hunters.

As the season opened in April, hunters across Missouri were eager to hit the woods and fields, equipped with their gear, knowledge, and experience from years past. Although the weather was somewhat unpredictable, hunters had plenty of opportunities to bag a bird during the early portion of the season.

As the season progressed, hunters continued to report success. Many hunters who were able to harvest a turkey early in the season shared the wealth of knowledge that they had gained about turkey behaviors and patterns. This knowledge helped other hunters to have a successful season, as they began to learn more about the habits and movements of Missouri’s turkey population.

One of the highlights of this year’s season was the abundance of turkeys that hunters were able to find. With plenty of birds dotting Missouri’s landscape, there was ample opportunity for hunters to bag their limit. Hunting pressure was also relatively low, allowing hunters to move from location to location and find success in various parts of the state.

Another highlight of the 2022 season was the increased use of hunting technology. Many hunters utilized trail cameras to scout out turkey populations before the season began. This allowed them to track the movement patterns of potential target birds, making it easier to find them when the season opened. This strategy, coupled with the use of decoys and calls, helped many hunters to achieve their hunting goals more easily than ever before.

The 2022 season also saw a renewed emphasis on safety. More hunters than ever before took courses or attended workshops outlining proper firearm safety, and the statewide initiative of “hunting responsibly” was a major focus for hunters and officials alike. This renewed focus on safety ensured that hunters could enjoy the season while taking the necessary precautions to prevent accidents and injuries.

With the 2022 season now concluded, many hunters are already looking forward to the start of the 2023 season. The abundance of turkeys this year has the potential to carry over to next season, indicating that hunters will have even more opportunities to bag a bird.

Hunting technology will continue to play an essential role in future seasons. Trail cameras will likely become even more sophisticated, providing hunters with a better understanding of the habits and movements of Missouri’s turkey population. Advancements in decoy and call technology are also expected, allowing hunters to enhance their hunting strategies to a greater degree.

The emphasis on safety will also continue in the 2023 season. Conferences, workshops, and forums will be held across the state to ensure that hunters are taking the necessary precautions to hunt safely. The Missouri Department of Conservation will also continue to distribute its message of “hunting responsibly” as part of its ongoing commitment to protecting Missouri’s natural resources while allowing hunters to pursue their passion.

In conclusion, the 2022 turkey hunting season in Missouri was a great success by all accounts. The abundance of birds, advancements in technology, and focus on safety helped hunters achieve their goals while enjoying the natural beauty of Missouri. As the preparations begin for the 2023 season, hunters can look forward to even more opportunities in the field and an even greater emphasis on safety and responsible hunting.

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