Missouri Turkey Season 2023: Planning Your Hunting Schedule

Missouri is one of the best places to hunt turkey in the United States. If you are planning to hunt turkeys in Missouri during the spring of 2023, it’s important to start planning your hunting schedule. The Missouri turkey season typically runs from the end of April to the 3rd week of May, so you have limited time to bag a bird. In this article, we will discuss how to plan your Missouri turkey hunting schedule and some of the best places to hunt.

Hunting Schedule Planning

If you are a non-resident hunter, you will need to purchase a hunting permit for turkeys. The permit is available from the Missouri Department of Conservation, and you can purchase it online or at a local permit vendor. The permit will grant you the right to hunt turkeys during the season in Missouri, and you will need to carry it on you during your hunts.

Once you have your permit, start planning your hunting trips. You can hunt turkeys in Missouri during the morning or evening hours. Turkeys are most active at sunrise or sunset, and these are the best times to hunt. You can also hunt throughout the day if you are willing to put in the time and effort.

Choosing the Right Hunting Spot

Missouri has a lot of great public lands where you can hunt turkeys. The Department of Conservation manages many of these lands, and they are open to hunting during the turkey season. Some of the best public lands in Missouri for turkey hunting include:

1. Mark Twain National Forest: The Mark Twain National Forest is a great place to hunt turkeys in Missouri. The forest covers over 1.4 million acres and has many different habitats that turkeys like.

2. Wappapello Lake State Park: Wappapello Lake State Park is another excellent place to hunt turkeys in Missouri. The park has over 8,000 acres and is located in the Ozark Mountains.

3. Truman Lake: Truman Lake is a large reservoir in Missouri that has a lot of turkey habitat. The lake covers over 55,000 acres, and there are many public lands around the lake where you can hunt.

4. Montauk State Park: Montauk State Park is located in the southeastern part of Missouri and is a popular spot for turkey hunting. The park has over 1,600 acres of public land that is open to hunting.

5. Stockton Lake: Stockton Lake is another excellent place to hunt turkeys in Missouri. The lake covers over 24,000 acres and has many public lands around it that you can hunt.

Each of these parks and public lands has its unique features and benefits. Some are better for beginners, while others are better for more experienced hunters. Plan your hunt based on your skill level and the terrain you feel most comfortable with.

Turkey Hunting Tips

Once you have your hunting permit and have chosen your hunting spot, it’s time to start scouting the area. Look for areas where turkeys roost, feed, and travel. You can also use turkey calls to draw turkeys to your location. Here are some turkey hunting tips:

1. Call Softly: Start with soft yelps and clucks to see if there is a turkey in the area. If you call too loudly, you might scare them off.

2. Use Decoys: Turkeys are social birds, and they will flock to other turkeys when they hear calls. Use decoys to draw turkeys to your location.

3. Practice Patience: Turkey hunting requires patience. Don’t move around too much once you have set up your blind or decoys. Wait for the turkey to come to you.

4. Be Quiet: Turkeys have excellent hearing, so be sure to keep quiet. Avoid rustling leaves or making any unnecessary noise.

5. Be Safe: Always practice safe hunting. Know your firearm and its capabilities. Wear blaze orange, and always identify your target before shooting.

Final Thoughts

If you are planning to hunt turkeys in Missouri during the spring of 2023, start planning your hunting schedule now. Make sure you have the proper hunting permit, and choose the right hunting spot for your skill level. Use turkey calls and decoys to draw turkeys to your location, and practice patience and safety throughout your hunt. Missouri offers some of the most exciting and challenging turkey hunting experiences in the country. So, take advantage of this opportunity and plan your Missouri turkey hunting schedule today!

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