The Most Anticipated Characters in Mrs Maisel Season 5

As fans eagerly wait for the fifth installment of the Emmy-winning series, “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” writers and creators of the show are hard at work creating twists and turns for the characters. With the show set in the late 1950s, following its titular character as she navigates through the comedy world, there are a number of supporting characters that audiences look forward to each year. From Susie Meyerson to Joel Maisel, the show has a number of fan-favorite characters that are expected to return for the fifth season.

1. Midge Maisel

Midge Maisel, played by Rachel Brosnahan, is the titular character and leading lady of “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.” She is a confident and capable stand-up comedian who is determined to make it big in the comedy scene. Audiences can expect Midge to remain the focus of the show as she navigates the ups and downs of the comedy world and her personal life. With the last season ending with her touring alongside legendary singer Shy Baldwin, fans can’t wait to see where her journey takes her next.

2. Susie Meyerson

Midge’s feisty and loyal manager Susie Meyerson, played by Emmy-winning actress Alex Borstein, has become a fan favorite character throughout the series. Susie is a scrappy fighter who has helped Midge get her career off the ground and become a star in her own right. With Susie currently going through a career change by managing Sophie Lennon, it will be interesting to see how that affects her relationship with Midge in the upcoming season.

3. Joel Maisel

Joel Maisel, played by Michael Zegen, is Midge’s ex-husband and father of their two children. Throughout the series, Joel has worked to earn back Midge’s trust and become a better father and partner. In season four, Joel started his own club, which could be a big storyline in season five, as well as his relationship with Mei, the hostess who works with him.

4. Sophie Lennon

Sophie Lennon, played by Jane Lynch, is a successful stand-up comedian who Midge and Susie encountered throughout the third season. She has recently signed on with Susie as her manager, which creates a potential storyline for season five. With Sophie’s fame and power in the comedy world, it will be interesting to see how she and Midge interact, especially after their rocky relationship in the past.

5. Shy Baldwin

The Grammy-winning singer played by LeRoy McClain is a new cast member introduced in season four. Midge is his act opener during the tour, and fans can anticipate their relationship to develop further. The audience can see if Midge becomes more involved with Shy and how that might impact her career.

6. Abe Weissman

Tony Shalhoub plays Midge’s father, Abe Weissman, a college professor at Columbia University. Over the years, Abe has been very critical of Midge’s career choice. With Midge’s success growing and her traveling, it will be interesting to see how Abe and Midge handle their differences.

7. Rose Weissman

Marin Hinkle plays Midge’s mother, Rose Weissman, a former socialite, who has wanted Midge to be a housewife in a successful marriage. Rose and Midge’s relationship had been challenging in the past, but have grown closer over the course of the series. Rose’s failed marriage with Abe also promises further development in the upcoming season.


In conclusion, the fifth season of “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” promises a lot of exciting storylines and engaging characters. From the beloved primary characters such as Midge, Susie, Joel, Sophie, and the newly introduced Shy Baldwin, to the complicated family dynamics of Abe and Rose, audiences should expect twists and turns that would keep them guessing. The show has proved time and again that it is capable of delivering top-notch entertainment, and fans cannot wait to see what season five holds in store.

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