The Evolution of Mrs Maisel in Season 5: A Character Analysis

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, a popular television series set in 1950s New York, has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide with its witty dialogue, stunning costumes, and captivating storyline. The show follows the life of Miriam “Midge” Maisel, a talented stand-up comedian who learns to navigate her newfound career while dealing with the complexities of her personal life. As the series progresses, we see Midge evolve as a character in various ways. In this article, we’ll dive deep into the evolution of Mrs. Maisel in season 5, and provide an in-depth character analysis.

At the end of season 4, we see Midge at her lowest point. After a disastrous Las Vegas performance, she returns home to New York to find that her father has had a heart attack. The end of the season leaves Midge wondering what her future holds. However, as season 5 begins, we see a different side of Midge – one that is more decisive and focused than ever before.

In the first few episodes of season 5, Midge is seen working tirelessly on her comedy routines, determined to improve upon her mistakes from the past. She’s also more self-aware – and willing to admit when she’s in the wrong. This growth is evident in the way she treats her ex-husband, Joel. In earlier seasons, Midge held deep-seated resentment towards Joel for leaving her. However, in season 5, we see a more mature Midge who is willing to be civil with him for the sake of their children.

Another aspect that adds to Midge’s evolution in season 5 is her relationships with other characters. This season showcases her bond with her agent Susie, which began in the pilot episode. In past seasons, Susie has been a guiding force for Midge, helping her pursue her dreams and keeping her grounded. This relationship reaches new heights in season 5, with Susie acting as a mediator between Midge and her new manager, Jackie. Midge’s friendship with Rose, her mother, also becomes stronger. We see them share moments of vulnerability, deepening their bond.

However, a significant aspect of Midge’s evolution involves her growing disillusionment with the entertainment industry. In the previous season, Midge had a successful run playing a comedy tour across the country, with her newfound stardom making her seem invincible. However, in season 5, she realizes the brutal reality of the industry. She’s forced to compromise her comedic style to appease her new manager, and she’s constantly fighting against the misogynistic and racist attitudes that plague the industry. This disillusionment culminates in a powerful final scene where Midge, her career in disarray, delivers an impactful speech, taking a stand against the injustices she’s faced.

Throughout season 5, Midge faces challenges that push her to confront her own feelings of insecurity and vulnerability. One instance of this is when she meets Shy Baldwin, a famous Black musician who asks her to open for him on his tour. Despite her talent and experience, Midge feels like an imposter, struggling to find her place in the tour’s lineup. This insecurity leads to an arch in which Midge explicitly confronts her prejudices and starts to understand the power dynamics at play.

In conclusion, the evolution of Mrs. Maisel in season 5 is a testament to the writers’ ability to craft complex characters. The series’ exploration of Midge’s growth as a person and performer is both honest and nuanced. We see a character that is more self-aware, more empathetic, and more willing to fight for what she believes in. The show’s creators should be commended for crafting a character that is not only captivating but also relatable to viewers. We look forward to the next chapter in her journey.

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