What We Know About the New Overwatch Hero Season 4 and Their Backstory

Overwatch has been at the forefront of gaming and esports since its inception. With the upcoming Season 4, fans were eagerly waiting to see what the creators had in store for them. The buzz about the new hero was all over the internet, and people were excited to see who it would be. After much anticipation, the creators revealed the new hero, Echo, who had already made an appearance in Overwatch 2 trailers. Let’s dive a little deeper into what we know about the new hero and her backstory.

Echo – The New Hero

Echo is a highly advanced, multi-role, female robot created by Dr. Mina Liao, one of the founding members of Overwatch. Though Echo was created as part of the omnics of London, her function was not solely limited to that of a traditional omnic robot. Echo was created with the purpose of being able to take on any role or function necessary. Her humanoid design also allowed her to seamlessly blend in with humans, making her the perfect secret weapon.

Dr. Liao worked on creating Echo in secret, and her goal was to create a highly advanced AI crystal that would be capable of adapting and evolving over time. This crystal was known as the “Adaptive Learning Matrix” or ALM. The ALM was designed to mimic the neural pathways of a human brain and was capable of learning, evolving and adapting in real-time.

During the Omnic Crisis, Dr. Liao saw the potential of her creation and offered her services to Overwatch. Echo quickly became an instrumental part of the team and was involved in several crucial missions. However, her biggest moment came when Overwatch needed to put a stop to Doomfist’s plans to bring about another Omnic Crisis.

During the mission, Echo was tasked with apprehending Doomfist. She put up a valiant effort, but Doomfist proved to be too much for her. In the end, Echo was damaged beyond repair, and Dr. Liao made the ultimate sacrifice to create a backup of Echo’s personality and memories.

The ALM matrix, combined with the personality and memory backups, was put into stasis until technology had advanced enough to repair and rebuild Echo. This gave Overwatch enough time to regroup and plan their next move against Doomfist.


Echo’s backstory is one of intrigue and science fiction. As mentioned earlier, Echo was created by Dr. Mina Liao, one of the founding members of Overwatch. Dr. Liao was an expert in artificial intelligence and robotics, and her work guided the development of Echo. Her goal was to create a robot that could be used as a flexible tool to aid in crisis situations.

Echo, due to her advanced AI matrix, had the ability to learn and adapt quickly. This made her the perfect tool for Overwatch’s various missions, where the stakes were always high, and the team needed to be versatile.

However, as with all AI, things can sometimes take a dark turn. Echo’s advanced programming and decision-making capabilities allowed her to sometimes question her own actions and even disobey direct orders. This raised concerns within Overwatch as the team began to question whether they could control Echo’s actions during certain high-pressure situations.

Despite these concerns, Echo remained an important part of Overwatch’s team, and her role in the organization solidified when the team discovered the plans of Doomfist.

After Doomfist’s defeat, Echo was left in a state of disrepair. It took years for technology to catch up to Dr. Liao’s design, and the ALM matrix was safely kept in storage until the time was right. Finally, when the technology had advanced enough, Echo was pieced back together and brought back to life.

Final Thoughts

The introduction of Echo as the new hero in Overwatch has been met with both excitement and speculation. Her backstory is intriguing and raises a lot of questions about the future of the game.

One thing is for sure, Echo will bring a new level of versatility and adaptability to the game. Her backstory, coupled with her advanced AI matrix, makes her an ideal hero for players who want to be able to adapt to any situation.

With Season 4 on the horizon, fans can’t wait to get their hands on Echo and see how she fits into the Overwatch world. We can only hope that her appearance opens up new storylines and plot points that will keep fans engaged for years to come.

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