A Guide to Mastering the New Overwatch Hero Season 4

As the fourth competitive season of Overwatch begins, players are eagerly anticipating the arrival of a new hero. Orisa, a robot tank hero, has officially joined the roster of playable characters. With her arrival, players are now expected to master a new hero if they plan on climbing the competitive rankings. In this guide, we will provide players with everything they need to know about Orisa in order to successfully incorporate her into their winning strategies.

Orisa, a creation of Efi Oladele, is a powerful tank hero that has the ability to control the battlefield. She has a primary weapon, the Fusion Driver, which is a long-range projectile weapon that deals significant damage. In addition, she has an Alt-fire ability called Halt!, which can either pull enemies towards her or drag them away. Her abilities also include a Protective Barrier that can be deployed to shield Orisa and her teammates from enemy fire. Orisa also has a Fortify ability that reduces the damage she takes and makes her immune to crowd control effects like stuns or knockbacks. Finally, she possesses the Ultimate ability Supercharger, which, when activated, increases the damage dealt by her and her teammates.

The first thing players should do is learn how to use Orisa’s abilities effectively. Her primary weapon is her Fusion Driver. This long-range projectile weapon is ideal for taking out enemies from afar. Her Second ability is Halt!, which can move enemies out of positions of cover or pull them towards Orisa in order to make them more vulnerable. Halt! also has the ability to lift enemies off the ground, rendering them helpless for a few seconds, which is a great way to set up for team ultimate abilities.

Her Protective Barrier ability can be used to protect Orisa and her teammates from enemy fire. It can be deployed anywhere and can withstand a significant amount of damage. It’s important to remember that Orisa’s barrier can be destroyed, so using it strategically is important. As an example, utilize the barrier to cover a path or a choke point, like a doorway or walkway, to block the enemy’s line of sight and make them more vulnerable.

Her Fortify ability is critical during combat. It makes Orisa temporarily immune to crowd control effects like stuns or knockbacks, making it an effective tool for escaping danger, regrouping with the team, or finishing off enemies. A good strategy is to use Fortify before using Halt!. This will allow Orisa to hold enemy targets in place without being moved herself.

Finally, Orisa’s Supercharger is a game-changer. It increases the damage dealt by Orisa and her teammates while she remains within range of the Supercharger. It’s best used when the team is already in a favorable position, as this will increase the chances for an early wipeout among the enemy team.

Once players are familiar with Orisa’s abilities, it’s critical to understand her role within the team. She is a tank hero, which means she is designed to absorb damage and protect other heroes. Orisa is most effective when she is positioned near allies, providing cover fire and defense. Her Protective Barrier is key in situations where the team needs cover from enemy fire. It is also important to note that Orisa’s barrier can also block certain enemy abilities like Junkrat’s grenades, Hanzo’s arrows, and Pharah’s missiles, so using it to strategically deny the enemy ultimates is sustainable to successful matches.

In addition to her role as a tank hero, Orisa can also deal significant damage. Her Fusion Driver has a long-range, high rate of fire, and can do significant damage to enemies. It’s important to work in conjunction with other heroes on the team, as Orisa’s damage output is not as high as other DPS. This makes it necessary for Orisa to rely on the rest of the team for support.

Positioning is key with Orisa. She is a tank hero that requires her teammates to use her to her full potential. A good strategy for using Orisa effectively is to position her in a place where she can defend allies and control the playing field. This means positioning her near choke points or doorways, which will allow her to engage multiple enemies and protect her team at the same time. It’s also important to remember that Orisa is a large target, so using cover to protect her is vital.

Finally, communication is key. Orisa is a team player and relies on her team to be effective. It’s imperative that players communicate their plans and strategies with each other. This way, Orisa can position herself where she’s needed most and her teammates can help her win battles.

In conclusion, Orisa is a powerful new hero that requires mastering to utilize fully. Her abilities are strong and effective, but it will take practice to use them successfully. Players should utilize her primary weapon, Fusion Driver, her abilities, Halt!, Protective Barrier, Fortify, and Supercharger, to their fullest potential. Her role as a tank hero is critical in absorbing damage and protecting other heroes, but her damage output also shouldn’t be underestimated. Positioning and communication will be key in mastering Orisa and incorporating her into winning strategies. By following these guidelines and practicing consistently, any player can become an Orisa master in no time.

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