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Behind the Scenes: Filming the Patna Railway Station Video that Went Viral

Behind the Scenes: Filming the Patna Railway Station Video that Went Viral

On a bright day in March, filmmaker Anubhav Sinha was strolling through the Patna Railway Station in Bihar, India, when he saw something he had never seen before. He saw a young boy, sitting on a platform, with tears streaming down his face. He looked around, as if searching for someone, but no one arrived. The boy looked lost and worried. It was then he decided to capture the moment on film.

He took out his camera and started filming. The boy was unaware of the camera and continued to sob quietly. It was a poignant moment that perfectly captured the loneliness and fear that children often face in India’s crowded railway stations.

The video went viral on social media, with thousands of people sharing the clip and expressing concern for the boy. It was even picked up by mainstream news outlets, who ran national stories about it.

But how did Sinha capture such a perfect moment? What were the behind-the-scenes logistics involved in creating this powerful video?

In an exclusive interview, Sinha shared some insights and revealed the story behind the making of this viral video.

“It was a spontaneous decision to film the boy,” Sinha said. “I was walking through the Patna Railway Station when I saw him. It was just instinct to film him. I think, as a filmmaker, you always have an eye for capturing emotions, and this was just one of those moments.”

Sinha revealed that he had an assistant with him, who helped set up the shot. “We quickly discussed things like lighting and camera placement,” he said. “But ultimately, it was just about capturing the emotion.”

The video was shot on a Canon 5D Mark III, a high-end camera used by professional photographers and filmmakers. Sinha said he chose this camera because he wanted a high-quality image that would capture every detail of the boy’s emotions.

“In this case, I wanted to get the most natural shot possible,” he said. “That’s why we used a camera that could capture the emotion, without the need for any staging or posing.”

Once the footage was captured, Sinha spent many hours in the editing room, piecing together the footage into a powerful narrative. He wanted to create a video that was not only visually stunning but also one that would evoke an emotional response from viewers.

“The editing process is always the most time-consuming part of any project,” he explained. “But it’s also the most rewarding. You get to see your vision come to life, and that’s very satisfying.”

Sinha also revealed that there were challenges in filming at the Patna Railway Station. “It’s a busy place, with a lot of noise and activity,” he said. “We had to find a quiet corner where we could film without too much disturbance.”

But Sinha said he was grateful for the opportunity to capture such a powerful moment in the life of a young boy. “In India, we often see children alone in railway stations,” he said. “They are vulnerable, and it’s important to raise awareness about their situation. I hope this video helps to do that.”

Sinha’s video has been hailed as a masterpiece of storytelling, a powerful reminder of the importance of empathy and compassion in today’s world. It has also served as a wake-up call to authorities, who have started taking steps to prevent children from being left alone in railway stations.

In the end, Sinha said it was his love for filmmaking that led him to capture this moment on film. “As a filmmaker, my job is to capture the world around me – to tell stories that move people, and make them think,” he said. “In this case, I was lucky enough to capture something very special. I’m happy that people are responding to it, and I hope it makes a difference.”

In conclusion, the making of the Patna Railway Station video was a collaborative effort between Anubhav Sinha and his assistant. With the use of a high-end camera, they were able to capture a moment of raw emotion that resonated with people all around the world. The success of the video has raised awareness about the plight of vulnerable children in India’s railway stations, and has brought attention to the importance of empathy and compassion in our lives. The video has become an important piece of storytelling and serves as an example of how the power of film can make a real difference in the world.

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