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Patna Railway Station Video: Exploring the Dark Side of India’s Railway System

Patna Railway Station Video: Exploring the Dark Side of India’s Railway System

The Patna Railway Station is one of the busiest railway stations in India, and it is the gateway to Bihar, one of the poorest states in India. The station handles over 250 trains every day and serves more than two million passengers annually. But beneath the hustle and bustle of the station lies a dark side that the public rarely sees. A recent video that went viral on social media has shed light on the dark underbelly of the Patna Railway Station and the railway system in India as a whole.

The video, shot by a journalist, shows the dismal conditions at the Patna Railway Station. It reveals the lack of security, cleanliness, and maintenance at the station, and the appalling living conditions of the railway workers. The video also exposes the rampant corruption and the apathetic attitude of the railway authorities towards the problems faced by the passengers and the railway workers.

The video shows that the station is poorly lit, making it vulnerable to theft, robbery, and sexual harassment. The CCTV cameras installed at the station are either not working or are of poor quality. This makes it difficult for the police to identify the criminals and the victims. The lack of security has led to a rise in the number of crimes at the station, including theft, pickpocketing, snatching, and eve-teasing.

The video also highlights the poor sanitation and hygiene standards at the station. The toilets and washrooms are filthy and stink, and the sewage overflows onto the platforms. The passengers have no option but to use these unhygienic and unsanitary facilities, which pose a serious health hazard. The lack of cleanliness also attracts rodents and insects, which further aggravate the problem.

The video sheds light on the working conditions of the railway workers at the Patna Railway Station. The workers live in makeshift shanties or porta-cabins at the station, and they have to contend with unhygienic and cramped living conditions. They have no access to clean water, proper toilets, or electricity. The video also shows that the workers are not paid a fair wage, despite working long hours in hazardous conditions.

The video also exposes the rampant corruption at the Patna Railway Station. The railway officials demand bribes from the passengers for everything, from ticket booking to luggage handling. The video shows that the railway staff siphon off the funds meant for the maintenance and development of the station. The railway workers bribe the officials to get a posting to the Patna Railway Station, as it is a lucrative posting, despite the difficult working conditions.

The video has sparked outrage among the public, who have demanded immediate action from the authorities. The Railway Minister has ordered an inquiry into the allegations made in the video, and the Railway Police have stepped up security measures at the station. The Railway Board has also issued instructions to improve sanitation and hygiene at the station and to provide better living conditions for the railway workers.

The Patna Railway Station video is not an isolated incident, as it is a reflection of the larger malaise that afflicts the Indian railway system. The Indian railways are plagued by a lack of investment, inadequate infrastructure, and a shortage of skilled workers. The railways are also prone to accidents, due to the dilapidated tracks, outdated signalling systems, and inadequate safety measures.

The Indian railway system is the lifeline of the country, as it transports millions of people and goods across the length and breadth of the country. The railways are also a major source of employment and revenue for the government. However, the neglect of the railways has resulted in a precarious situation, where the safety and security of the passengers are compromised, and the railway workers are forced to live and work in inhumane conditions.

The Patna Railway Station video is a wake-up call for the government and the authorities, who need to take urgent action to improve the railway system in India. The government needs to increase investment in the railways, modernise the infrastructure, upgrade the signalling systems, and improve the safety and security measures. The authorities also need to address the issue of corruption and accountability in the railway system, and ensure that the railway workers are paid a fair wage and provided with decent living conditions.

In conclusion, the Patna Railway Station video is a grim reminder of the dark side of the Indian railway system, and the urgent need for reforms. The government and the authorities need to act swiftly to address the problems faced by the passengers and the railway workers, and to safeguard the future of the railways in India. The railway system is not just a means of transport but also a symbol of the nation’s progress and development, and it is time for the nation to give it the attention and care that it deserves.

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