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Viral Patna Railway Station Video Shocks the Nation

On the 2nd of June 2021, a video of the Patna railway station went viral on social media. The video was shot by a young man who reportedly came to pick his sister from the railway station. In the video, the ground floor of the station was seen fully submerged in water, with people struggling to walk through it.

The video immediately went viral, shocking the nation with the dismal state of the railways in the country. Railway stations are the lifeline of many cities, and if even the basic facilities are not provided, then it raises serious questions about the management of the railways.

People on social media started to express their anger and disappointment, and many started to share their own stories of the poor state of the railways. The video prompted a massive outrage, with people asking the government to address the issue immediately.

The Patna railway station is one of the busiest railway stations in India, with a footfall of over one lakh passengers daily. It is a vital transit point for many people who travel to different parts of India. It is also the gateway to Bihar, one of the most populous states in India.

The condition of the railways has been a matter of concern for a long time. Many rail accidents and incidents have occurred due to poor infrastructure and management. The viral video of the Patna railway station has highlighted the need for urgent action.

The government has promised to take action, and the Railway Minister, Piyush Goyal, tweeted that he has directed the railway officials to take immediate action to address the issue. The Railway Board has also issued a statement, saying that the Patna railway station was facing a serious drainage issue, and remedial action would be taken soon.

However, this is not the first time that the Patna railway station has faced such issues. In 2019, heavy rains caused widespread waterlogging, disrupting train services for several hours. Moreover, many in the past have raised concerns about the poor condition of the station, the lack of facilities for passengers, and the precarious state of rail infrastructure across the country.

The response from the government has been too slow, and many remain skeptical about the government’s commitment to improving railways’ conditions. For a developing country like India, an efficient and safe railway system is essential to drive growth and accessibility.

The Patna railway station video has caught the attention of the nation and has forced the government to answer some hard questions. There is a need for immediate and long-term action to be taken to address infrastructure, management, and facilities. The railways need to be revamped, and the focus should be on providing safe, reliable, and efficient transportation for citizens.

Many positive changes have been implemented by the railways in recent years, including the introduction of modern coaches, making ticket booking hassle-free through digital platforms, and the installation of CCTV cameras to improve security. However, much remains to be done. The railways need to prioritize addressing the basic issues faced by commuters, such as clean drinking water, well-maintained toilets, and proper drainage systems.

The Patna railway station video has ignited a conversation about the larger issue of the state of railways in India. Public accountability is essential, and there is a need for better communication between the government and citizens. The people of India deserve a railway system that they can rely on, and the government must prioritize this issue for the country’s development.

In conclusion, the video of the Patna railway station has shocked the nation and highlighted the pressing need to address the state of railways in India. This incident should serve as a wake-up call for the government, and immediate and long-term action is needed to provide citizens with a reliable, safe, and efficient transportation system. The railways are the lifeline of India, and it is time for the government to recognize it and take decisive action.

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