Revisiting the Classic Case in Perry Mason New Episodes

Perry Mason was a famous courtroom drama television series that aired from 1957 to 1966. After more than half a century, the show’s classic case has been revisited in the new episodes that premiered recently. The show’s main character, Perry Mason, portrayed by Matthew Rhys, remains the same – a brilliant and sharp defense attorney seeking justice for his clients in the courtroom.

The show’s classic case centered around the murder of a wealthy businessman, named E.B. Jonathan, played by John Lithgow. He was a prominent and influential personality in the city and was renowned for his philanthropic work. However, despite his reputation, E.B. Jonathan was not very popular with his family members. He had a son, a daughter, and a granddaughter – all of whom had complicated relationships with him. The case revolved around the suspicion that one of the family members had murdered Mr. Jonathan in a bid to inherit his fortune.

The original series depicted Perry Mason as a mastermind who unraveled the most complex and convoluted cases in the courtroom. However, the new episodes showcase a different side of Mason. Here, we get to see a younger and inexperienced Mason, struggling to make ends meet in a city that is reeling under the Great Depression. The show’s creators have made an effort to humanize the character and make him relatable. He is an underdog who is fighting against the system, rather than working with it.

One of the primary changes in the new episodes is the portrayal of the victims in the case. In the original series, E.B. Jonathan was a detestable character who was despised by his family members. On the other hand, in the new episodes, he is depicted as a loving grandfather who cares for his granddaughter. The show explores more of his relationship with his family members, both in the past and the present. This shift in the character’s portrayal is a refreshing change, as it adds more depth and complexity to the plot.

The new episodes also delve deeper into the lives of the other characters involved in the case, including E.B. Jonathan’s family members and his employees. In doing so, the show has added several layers to the plot that were not present in the original series. These layers include the struggles and hardships faced by the secondary characters, which further highlight the show’s relevance to the present day.

The evolving social and political realities in the show’s timeframe is another significant change in the new episodes. The storyline is set in Los Angeles in the 1930s, a period that was marked by widespread unemployment, poverty, and corruption. The city was a hotbed for organized crime, and the show reflects this reality in its depiction of the justice system. The prosecutor’s office is shown to be corrupt, with evidence being tampered to provide a guilty verdict. Similarly, the police department is shown as being influenced by powerful people, further complicating the case.

The show’s evolution is not limited to its characters and plot. The new episodes also sport a different visual style from the original series. The filmmakers have adopted a darker and grittier tone, which suits the show’s themes and setting. The use of vintage props and costumes in the show is also commendable, adding an authentic touch to the proceedings.

Finally, the show’s exploration of morality and justice is perhaps the most significant change in the new episodes. The classic case in Perry Mason was centered around the pursuit of justice, but the new episodes go further in their analysis of the subject. Here, the show questions the very concept of justice and what it means to different people. There are no clear-cut winners or losers in the case, with every character having a different interpretation of justice. The show’s exploration of morality and justice is both nuanced and thought-provoking, making it a must-watch in today’s times.

In conclusion, the new episodes of Perry Mason are a perfect example of a classic case revisited with a modern twist. The show retains the essence of the original series while incorporating contemporary themes and issues. The show’s exploration of characters, plot, morality, and justice is impressive and indicates that it is not an ordinary courtroom drama. Instead, it is a nuanced and complex portrayal of life and the justice system, making it a must-watch for fans of the original series and newcomers alike.

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