Recap Succession Season 4 Episode 2: Kendall’s Gamble and Logan’s Response

As the highly anticipated fourth season of Succession continues, Episode 2 titled Kendall’s Gamble and Logan’s Response packs a powerful punch. The episode opens with Kendall Roy, played by Jeremy Strong, taking a risk to launch a takeover of his father’s company, Waystar Royco, by rallying his siblings to vote for his proposal to remove Logan Roy, played by Brian Cox, as CEO.

Kendall brings his siblings, Shiv, Roman, and Connor, to a private hotel room to discuss his plan. However, the plan falls through as Shiv, played by Sarah Snook, backs out and Roman, played by Kieran Culkin, issues his loyalty to his father. Kendall, being the eldest of the Roy siblings, needs at least one more vote to be able to move forward with his plan. He then turns to his mother, Caroline, played by Harriet Walter, who first appeared in Season 3 Episode 9, “Retired Janitors of Idaho,” and offers her money in exchange for her vote. However, Caroline turns down the offer, and Kendall is left with only himself to vote for his proposal in the upcoming board meeting.

In a turn of events, CEO Logan Roy outmaneuvers Kendall by showing that he has recordings of Kendall confessing to his involvement in a deadly car accident that occurred at the end of Season 1. These recordings, which Kendall assumed Logan had destroyed, effectively make Kendall a puppet, and Logan retains his position as CEO. Logan, seeking to protect his family’s public image, orders Kendall to appear in a press conference and take the blame for all past controversies, including the cruise ship scandal that was the centerpiece of the third season.

Kendall, humiliated and defeated, decides in the end to go against his father’s orders and reveal the truth about their family, which he believes is necessary for his own redemption. In a climactic scene, Kendall arrives at the conference to a silent room, surrounded by reporters and cameras. He takes a deep breath, mutters “Oh, f*** it,” and proceeds to deliver a speech revealing the true nature of Waystar RoyCo and his family’s involvement in it. The episode ends on a cliffhanger as Kendall looks up to face the camera, leaving viewers wondering what his fate and the fate of his family will be.

Overall, Kendall’s Gamble and Logan’s Response is a masterfully crafted episode that builds on the tension from the first episode and sets the stage for the rest of the season. The performances by the cast in this episode are exceptional, with Jeremy Strong’s portrayal of Kendall Roy standing out. The episode beautifully highlights the ruthless nature of the Roy family and their constant thirst for power and control.

One of the most interesting aspects of the episode is Kendall’s character arc. He emerges as a much more complex and nuanced character in this season, torn between his loyalties to his family and his own sense of morality. Strong’s performance highlights the inner turmoil and constant pressure that Kendall faces in his quest for redemption, making him a relatable and engaging character.

Another highlight of the episode is the dynamic between Logan and Kendall. The relationship between father and son has always been a central theme in the series, but it reaches new heights in this episode. Brian Cox’s performance as Logan Roy is chilling and demonstrates his complete control over his family and company. The scene where Logan shows Kendall the recordings is particularly powerful, showcasing his manipulative nature.

The cinematography and direction of the episode are also noteworthy, with director Mark Mylod and cinematographer Peter Robertson creating a tense and atmospheric setting that perfectly complements the script. The use of close-ups and wide-angle shots effectively captures the emotions of the characters and heightens the tension of the scenes.

In conclusion, Kendall’s Gamble and Logan’s Response is an excellent episode that showcases the show’s strengths in storytelling, performances, and direction. It is undoubtedly one of the most exciting episodes of the series so far and promises an exhilarating continuation of the season. This episode firmly establishes Succession as one of the best shows on television, and fans eagerly await the rest of the season to unveil.

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