The Fallout of Succession Season 4 Episode 2: A Recap of the Latest Power Struggles

Succession Season 4 Episode 2, titled “Retired Janitors of Idaho,” sees the Roy family navigate new power struggles and shifting alliances as they try to secure their hold on Waystar Royco, the media and entertainment conglomerate founded by their patriarch, Logan Roy. The episode begins with Logan recovering from a health scare, and his children vying for his approval and the chance to take over the company. Here is a recap of the latest power struggles and their fallout:

Kendall Roy’s gambit

Kendall Roy, played by Jeremy Strong, is the second-oldest son of Logan and has been in and out of favor with his father throughout the show’s run. At the end of Season 3, Kendall publicly turned on his father and announced himself as a whistleblower, implicating Logan in a series of scandals. In Season 4, Kendall is trying to rally support from high-ranking executives and board members to vote against Logan and oust him from the company.

In “Retired Janitors of Idaho,” Kendall meets with Lawrence Yee, the head of Waystar’s News Division, to convince him to vote against Logan. However, Lawrence is skeptical and tells Kendall that he needs more support than just him to make a real impact. Kendall then meets with Stewy Hosseini, a former business partner who betrayed him at the end of Season 2, in an attempt to reconcile and gain his support for the vote. Stewy is hesitant but agrees to help Kendall if he can secure a privately held tech company that Waystar has been trying to acquire.

Kendall’s gambit ultimately fails when Logan catches wind of his plan and calls a meeting with the executives and board members, pleading with them to stick with him and promising to step back from day-to-day decision-making. Kendall is left isolated and uncertain of his next move, as his once-loyal colleagues and allies begin to distance themselves from him.

Shiv Roy’s uneasy alliance

Shiv Roy, played by Sarah Snook, is the only daughter of Logan and has always been seen as an outsider in the family business. In Season 3, she started to assert her authority and challenge her brothers for a seat at the table. In “Retired Janitors of Idaho,” Shiv is trying to position herself as a potential successor to Logan, while also dealing with her troubled marriage to Tom Wamsgans (Matthew Macfadyen).

Shiv meets with her father and proposes a plan to take over the company, but Logan brushes her off, telling her that she is not ready for such a responsibility. Shiv then turns to Roman (Kieran Culkin), her younger brother, for support and suggests that they team up to take over the company together. Roman is initially skeptical but eventually agrees to consider it.

However, Shiv’s plan hits a snag when she discovers that Tom has been secretly recording their conversations and plans to use the information to protect himself, should the family turn on him. Shiv tries to placate Tom by promising to protect him, but he is still unhappy with their marriage and threatens to leave her.

Logan’s health scare and the aftermath

The episode begins with Logan collapsing and being rushed to the hospital, causing concern and panic among his family and colleagues. While Logan is being treated, his children begin to jockey for position and speculate on what will happen if he dies. Roman suggests a radical plan to take over the company by buying out all the shareholders and removing Logan from power. However, this plan is quickly dismissed by the others, who don’t think it is feasible.

When Logan finally returns to work, he is weak and vulnerable, causing concern among his colleagues, who worry that he may not be up to the task of running the company. Logan’s right-hand man, Frank Vernon (Peter Friedman), suggests that he take a step back and focuses on his health, but Logan dismissively tells him to mind his own business.

The fallout from Logan’s health scare is significant, as it further destabilizes the company and makes the power struggles even more intense. Logan’s children are all vying for his approval and trying to position themselves as his successor, while Logan himself seems increasingly isolated and unsure of his own capabilities.


Succession Season 4 Episode 2 sets the stage for a season-long battle for the soul of Waystar Royco, as the Roy family tries to come to terms with their own motivations and loyalties. Kendall’s gambit may have failed, but he is still a powerful player in the game, with vast resources and a loyal following. Shiv is starting to assert herself as a force to be reckoned with, while Roman continues to be the wild card in the family. Logan, for his part, seems increasingly vulnerable and out of touch, creating uncertainty and fear among his colleagues and loved ones. The fallout from this episode is sure to be felt throughout the rest of the season, as the power struggles intensify and the stakes get higher.

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