Succession Season 4 theories: What will happen next?

Succession, the hit HBO series about a dysfunctional media dynasty, has left fans on the edge of their seats with the dramatic cliffhanger ending of season 3. The question on everyone’s mind is, what will happen in the highly anticipated season 4? There are several theories about what could happen next, so let’s dive in and explore some of the possibilities.

Logan’s Health Continues to Deteriorate

At the end of season 3, we saw Logan Roy’s health decline rapidly, with him collapsing during a press conference. This leads many to believe that his health issues will continue to be a significant plot point in season 4. There are several factors that could contribute to Logan’s declining health, including his age, stress from running a media empire, and possibly his long-standing battle with Parkinson’s disease.

One theory is that Logan will become more incapacitated, leading to a power struggle within the Roy family. With Kendall, Shiv, and Roman all vying for control, this could result in a messy and chaotic battle for the top spot. Additionally, it’s possible that Logan will attempt to name a successor before his health completely fails, causing even more tension and conflict.

The Return of Tom Wambsgans

Another possible storyline for season 4 could be the return of Tom Wambsgans. In season 3, Tom was seen turning on his former mentor and father-in-law Logan Roy, testifying against him in a congressional hearing. However, we later see Tom taking the fall for the company’s misdeeds, pleading guilty to charges and going to prison.

Many fans believe that Tom will return in season 4, free from prison and seeking revenge against those who threw him under the bus. This could result in a personal vendetta against Shiv, who he feels betrayed him, as well as a renewed ambition to climb the corporate ladder.

The Rise of Greg Hirsch

Throughout the first three seasons, Greg Hirsch has been a comedic side character, often seen as the butt of the jokes. However, many fans believe that Greg’s luck could be about to change in season 4, with the possibility of him becoming a significant player in the Roy family empire.

One theory is that Greg will use his knowledge of the company’s misdeeds to his advantage, potentially threatening to go public with damaging information. This could put him in a position of power, making him a valuable asset to whoever he aligns himself with.

Additionally, Greg’s innocence and outsider status may give him an advantage in the ongoing battle for the top spot. He could be seen as a lesser evil or a more desirable option to the rest of the Roy family.

A Possible Merger or Acquisition

Throughout the first three seasons, we saw the Roy family empire face numerous challenges, including a hostile takeover attempt by the Pierce family. While the Roy’s ultimately triumphed, many fans believe that season 4 could see another merger or acquisition attempt.

One theory is that a powerful media conglomerate, such as Amazon or Google, could attempt to acquire the Roy family’s media empire. This would bring in new characters, potentially creating new alliances and rivalries within the show. Additionally, it could be a way for the Roy family to solidify their position at the top, potentially offering concessions to make the acquisition more lucrative.


With so much uncertainty surrounding Succession, there are endless possibilities of what could happen in season 4. While we won’t know for sure until the season airs, some of the popular theories include Logan’s health continuing to deteriorate, Tom seeking revenge, Greg’s surprising rise to power, and the possibility of another merger or acquisition attempt. Whatever happens, one thing is certain – season 4 is sure to be an exciting and unpredictable ride for fans of the show.

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