The Last of Us Ep 9: Unforeseen Consequences

The Last of Us has been a staple in the gaming community since it was released on June 14, 2013. Developed by Naughty Dog, The Last of Us has won multiple awards and critical acclaim. It’s a post-apocalyptic video game that follows Joel, a smuggler, and Ellie, a teenage girl, as they navigate the United States after a pandemic caused by a mutated fungus has decimated the population. The game’s storyline is gripping, intense, and emotional, and it has left many players in tears.

Episode 9 of The Last of Us will always be remembered as the game’s defining moment. It’s a pivotal episode in the game’s storyline that introduces players to unforeseen consequences, forcing players to make decisions that have a lasting impact on the game’s ending. Let’s dive into what made Episode 9 so significant.

The episode begins with Joel and Ellie still on their journey to find the Fireflies, a militant group looking for a cure for the fungus. They make their way through a winter wonderland, battling the elements and the infected. The duo comes across a group of cannibalistic hunters that capture Ellie, leaving Joel to chase after them.

When Joel finally catches up to Ellie’s captors, he discovers that they’re planning to kill and eat her. The hunters are former survivors turned cannibals, and they justify their actions by claiming that they have to do whatever it takes to survive. Joel shoots and kills the cannibals, but the experience causes him to realize that he’s regressed from a loving father to a brutal survivor.

After rescuing Ellie, the duo find shelter in a cabin within the forest. It’s here that Ellie discovers the truth about what happened at the hospital. Joel had lied to her about the Fireflies’ intentions, and in reality, he killed all the Fireflies in the hospital to save Ellie, who was going to be used as a cure for the fungus. Ellie is understandably furious at Joel for lying to her, and the episode ends on a somber note.

The Last of Us Ep 9 is a significant moment in the game for several reasons. Firstly it sheds light on the consequences of survival in a post-apocalyptic world. The hunters, once ordinary people, have resorted to cannibalism to survive, showcasing the darker side of human nature. Joel’s transformation from a kind-hearted man to someone who’s willing to kill anyone for the sake of survivors is a reminder that survival comes at a price.

Secondly, the episode introduces players to the concept of unforeseen consequences. Joel’s actions at the hospital were driven by a father’s love for his surrogate daughter, but they pose consequences that Joel and Ellie will have to deal with. The Fireflies were the only group actively searching for a cure for the fungus, and by killing them, Joel has prevented a possible cure for the virus. Secondly, Ellie is now struggling with the fact that her immunity could have meant the salvation of humanity, and Joel has robbed her of that opportunity.

The concept of unforeseen consequences sparks a discussion about the morality of Joel’s actions. While players may understand his motivations for killing the Fireflies, it’s challenging to reconcile his actions. Joel’s decision to save Ellie at the cost of humanity’s survival is an incredibly selfish move. However, what makes it so impactful is that it’s a decision many players may find themselves making in a similar situation.

Lastly, the episode showcases Naughty Dog’s incredible storytelling capabilities. The Last of Us Ep 9 goes beyond a survival horror game and transcends into a powerful, emotional narrative. The bond between Joel and Ellie is tested in this episode, and the performances by voice actors Troy Baker (Joel) and Ashley Johnson (Ellie) are captivating. The weight of Joel’s lies is felt, and the episode leaves players to question the dynamic of their relationship.

In conclusion, The Last of Us Ep 9: Unforeseen Consequences is a defining episode in the game’s narrative. It’s a reminder that survival in a post-apocalyptic world comes at a cost, and sometimes that cost is morality. The episode’s ending is a heartfelt reminder that sometimes the lies we tell to protect our loved ones have unintended consequences. Naughty Dog’s storytelling prowess is on full display in this episode, leaving players captivated and emotionally drained. The Last of Us Ep 9 is a defining moment in gaming and will always be remembered as one of the most powerful episodes in video game history.

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