New Revelations Emerge from Tracy Mondabough Autopsy Photos

Tracy Mondabough was a 47-year-old woman from Ohio who died in police custody on October 1, 2019. Her death, which was originally attributed to natural causes, has recently garnered attention again due to new revelations that have emerged from her autopsy photos.

Mondabough was arrested by the Newark Police Department in Newark, Ohio, on suspicion of shoplifting. She was taken to the Licking County Justice Center, where she began to experience medical distress. She was transported to Licking Memorial Hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

Initially, Mondabough’s death was attributed to natural causes. However, her family and advocates have challenged this narrative, arguing that she was mistreated and neglected while in police custody.

The autopsy report on Mondabough’s death was released in early 2020, but it wasn’t until a graphic photo of her body was shared on social media that renewed attention was brought to the case. The image showed severe bruising, lacerations, and other injuries on her face, neck, and torso.

A recent report by ProPublica, based on interviews with experts who reviewed Mondabough’s autopsy photos, reveals that her death was likely caused by mechanical asphyxia – or suffocation – due to restraint.

According to the report, Mondabough was handcuffed behind her back and restrained in a “hobble” device, which is a strap that connects the handcuffs to ankle restraints, rendering the person unable to move their limbs. She was also wearing a spit hood, a mesh bag placed over a person’s head to prevent them from spitting on officers.

The autopsy photos show that Mondabough’s face was pressed against the ground, and she had a large bruise on her forehead. The experts who reviewed the photos say that this position, combined with the restraints and the spit hood, made it difficult for her to breathe.

The photos also show severe injuries to Mondabough’s neck and shoulders, which the report states were likely caused by the officers putting pressure on her with their knees or elbows.

The revelation that Mondabough’s death was likely caused by mechanical asphyxia due to restraint is a significant development in this case. It raises questions about the use of force by police officers and the protocol for restraining individuals in custody.

The Newark Police Department has faced scrutiny in the past for its handling of cases involving people in custody. In 2016, a man named Andrew Brannan died while in police custody, and his family received a $475,000 settlement after a lawsuit against the city.

In response to the recent attention on Mondabough’s death, Newark city officials have said that they are conducting an internal review of the incident. The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation is also conducting its own investigation into the case.

But for the family and advocates of Tracy Mondabough, these steps are not enough. They are demanding justice for her death and for systemic reforms to address police brutality and related issues.

The case of Tracy Mondabough is just one example of the broader issues facing our justice system. It highlights the need for transparency, accountability, and reform in how we treat individuals in police custody, particularly those who are most vulnerable.

It also underscores the importance of independent investigations and objective analysis in these cases. While the initial autopsy report may have missed crucial details about Mondabough’s death, the new analysis of her autopsy photos provides a more comprehensive and accurate picture of what happened to her.

Ultimately, if we are to prevent tragedies like this from happening again, we must listen to the families and advocates of those impacted by police brutality and other injustices. We must take their concerns seriously and work towards meaningful change in our justice system. The death of Tracy Mondabough serves as a tragic reminder of what can happen when we fail to do so.

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