Vanderpump Rules Season 10: Showrunner Spills Tea on Upcoming Episodes

Vanderpump Rules, the hit reality television show that chronicles the lives of the staff at West Hollywood restaurant SUR and their crazy antics, has been on the air for almost a decade. And with the 10th season of the show in the works, fans are eagerly anticipating what’s in store for their favorite cast members.

Recently, Vanderpump Rules showrunner, Andy Cohen, spilled some tea on what fans can expect from the upcoming episodes. Here’s a breakdown of everything we know so far.

First off, fans of the show can breathe a sigh of relief as Vanderpump Rules will be returning to its usual format after the pandemic forced the 9th season to shake things up with a more docuseries-like vibe. Cohen revealed that the cast has been shooting for the upcoming season for several months, and that they’re back to their usual shenanigans.

“They’re all in better places, but that doesn’t mean they’re not still causing drama,” Cohen teased in a recent interview.

One major change to the cast in season 10 is the absence of two long-time cast members, Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute. The two were fired from the show last year after past racist behavior came to light. Their absence is expected to create some ripples in the dynamics of the group, but Cohen assured fans that the show will still be just as entertaining.

“There’s a lot of new blood. I’m excited for people to see some fresh faces, and I think the show needed it,” Cohen said.

Among the new cast members is former SUR hostess, Charlie Burnett, who was promoted to a full-time cast member for season 10. Cohen described her as a “great addition” to the cast, adding that she brings a positive energy to the show.

Another newbie to the Vanderpump Rules crew is Brock Davies, who is dating cast member and SUR bartender, Scheana Shay. Davies, who is originally from Australia, is a gym owner and fitness trainer. According to Cohen, he’s “a bit of a wildcard” and will be stirring up some drama this season.

Cohen also revealed that fans can expect to see some of the cast members’ personal lives take center stage this season, including Lala Kent’s journey to becoming a mother and James Kennedy’s struggles with sobriety.

“James’ battle with alcohol has been documented on the show, and it’s not going to be different this season,” Cohen said. “But it’s really inspiring to see how much he’s grown and how committed he is to his sobriety.”

Cohen hinted that viewers will also get an inside look at some of the cast members’ relationships, including cast veterans Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney, who have been married for several years. According to Cohen, the couple has “some real, raw moments” this season.

“There’s a lot of love there, but they also have their ups and downs like any couple,” Cohen explained.

Of course, no season of Vanderpump Rules would be complete without some drama between the friends-turned-enemies Jax Taylor and Tom Sandoval. While Cohen didn’t reveal exactly what the two are fighting about this season, he did confirm that their feud is “definitely not over.”

“There’s always tension between those two,” Cohen revealed. “But this season, it’s especially evident.”

Overall, it looks like fans of Vanderpump Rules have a lot to look forward to in season 10. The new cast members, combined with the continued drama between the veteran cast members, is sure to make for an exciting and entertaining season.

And while the show has been on the air for almost a decade, Cohen assured fans that there’s no end in sight.

“Every season, we think ‘there’s no way they can top this.’ But every year, they do,” Cohen said. “As long as the cast keeps bringing the drama, we’ll keep making the show.”

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