What The Whitley Goodman Christian Andreacchio Autopsy Photos Reveal About Their Deaths

The deaths of Whitley Goodman and Christian Andreacchio shocked their families, friends, and residents of Meridian, Mississippi. The couple, who had been together for six months, were found dead in Christian’s apartment on February 26, 2014. The local police initially classified the deaths as a murder-suicide, but their families disputed the finding and demanded an independent investigation.

Four years later, the case continues to generate controversy and speculation. Some people believe that Whitley and Christian were victims of foul play, while others argue that the evidence supports the official conclusion of suicide. One of the main points of contention is the release of the autopsy photos, which show the condition of the bodies and the extent of the injuries. In this article, we will examine what the Whitley Goodman Christian Andreacchio autopsy photos reveal about their deaths and how they have been used to support different theories.

The Basics of the Case

Before delving into the autopsy photos, let’s recap the key facts of the case. According to the police report, Christian Andreacchio, 21, was found dead in his bathroom, with a single gunshot wound to the head. Whitley Goodman, 18, was found dead in the bathtub, with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the mouth. The gun used in the shootings was registered to Christian. The police concluded that Christian had shot Whitley and then killed himself, likely due to relationship problems and financial stress. However, the families of Whitley and Christian disputed the findings and hired private investigators and lawyers to examine the evidence.

The Autopsy Photos

The autopsy photos of Whitley and Christian were taken by the Mississippi State Medical Examiner’s Office and were released to the public after a legal battle between the families and the authorities. The photos show the bodies of the two young adults in great detail, including their injuries and the condition of their skin and organs. The photos have been widely circulated on social media and have been analyzed by experts and amateurs alike.

What the photos reveal about Whitley’s death

Whitley’s autopsy photos show that she had a gunshot wound to the mouth, which is consistent with the official report. However, the angle of the wound has been disputed by the families and experts, who argue that it is unlikely that Whitley could have shot herself in the mouth from the position she was found in. The photos also show that there was no soot or powder residue on Whitley’s skin, which suggests that the gun was not fired at close range. Some people have claimed that the lack of residue means that Whitley may have been shot from a distance, while others argue that the gun could have been wiped clean or that the lack of residue is not conclusive evidence of anything.

What the photos reveal about Christian’s death

Christian’s autopsy photos show that he had a single gunshot wound to the head, which is also consistent with the official report. The photos also show that there was a great deal of blood on and around the body, which is to be expected in a gunshot wound to the head. However, some people have claimed that the amount and pattern of the blood is inconsistent with the position of the body and the trajectory of the bullet. They argue that the blood should have spattered in a different pattern if Christian had shot himself, and that the presence of blood on the wall and floor indicates that someone else was involved. Others have disputed these claims and pointed out that the position of the body and the trajectory of the bullet are consistent with suicide.

What the photos do not reveal

It is important to note that the autopsy photos do not provide conclusive evidence of how or why Whitley and Christian died. The photos can be interpreted in different ways, and they do not prove or disprove any particular theory. The families of Whitley and Christian have used the photos to support their claims of foul play, but the official investigators and the courts have not found any evidence to support those claims. The photos also do not provide insight into the mental health, relationship dynamics, or other factors that may have contributed to the deaths.


The Whitley Goodman Christian Andreacchio case is a tragic and complex one, and the release of the autopsy photos has added to the confusion and speculation. While the photos reveal some important details about the injuries and conditions of the bodies, they do not provide definitive answers to the questions surrounding the deaths. The families of Whitley and Christian continue to seek justice and answers, and the case remains open and controversial. What we can conclude from the case is that we need to be careful about making assumptions and drawing conclusions based on incomplete or ambiguous evidence. The deaths of Whitley and Christian are a reminder that life is precious, and that we must do our best to support and protect those we love.

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